15 People Who Saw Their Expectations Crash and Burn

2 years ago

There are many people and studies saying that the key to happiness and satisfaction is keeping your expectations low. This might sound pessimistic to many of you, but it can also be freeing to others. Starting off with low expectations gives you the opportunity to be surprised and enjoy even the smallest happy moment. Maybe that’s what we should all do when we decide to order things online.

Bright Side wants to send our condolences to everyone who has been let down by reality and remind you that these things happen to everybody.

1. Wonderful wavy hair

2. “I bought this Bob Ross chia pet. These are not happy trees.”

3. “The social media queue”

4. The twirls have seen better days.

5. “When you buy a $120 iPhone:”

6. That just won’t happen if you take butter straight from the fridge.

7. Wait, is this the same soft serve?

8. This is so far from reality.

9. “The top is pottery that my mom got in Germany, the bottom is my attempt to make it in my ceramics class.”

10. “This is fine. I’m fine.”

11. “Bought some ‘FLOAM’ like substance for my daughter for $5. Just wow.”

12. It shouldn’t be this melted right from the machine, right?

13. “This coffee table was supposed to bring elegance to the living room.”

14. “I tried to make those cute little octopus dogs... it didn’t go well.”

15. This bag only glows in the dark, not in the bright light.

Have you ever been disappointed when your expectations were super high? Was it something that you didn’t do as well as you expected or something you bought?

Preview photo credit Shutterstock.com, Yugen9x / reddit


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