15+ People Who Seem to Be Their Own Lucky Charm When Finding Treasure at the Thrift Shop

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Shopping at thrift stores helps us save money and, most importantly, the environment. And as a nice bonus, it allows us to hunt for hidden treasure. Obviously, we don’t mean pirate loot, but these are exciting and amazing items nonetheless. We want to give you numerous reasons to join the many people who like thrifting, and that’s exactly why we created this article for you.

1. “I found this 1910-1920s dress at an antique store, fell in love, and bought it.”

2. “I found this in the costume jewelry bucket, took it to a local jeweler, and they confirmed it’s 10k gold with diamonds. I paid 25 cents!”

3. “2 Le Creuset kettles found at 2 different Goodwills in the past week, $4 each”

4. “Found at Goodwill for $10! I’m not sure what to wear it for, but it fits perfectly.”

5. “The weirdest wallet I’ve ever seen”

6. “Minimalist 14k gold bracelet, hidden amongst the worn out Alex and Ani bangles, only $2!”

7. “I purchased this framed art print of a deer for $1. Went to replace the frame and found this incredible family portrait behind it.”

“I wish I could locate the original owners!”

8. “I couldn’t pass up this stunning waist pack at the GW bins.”

9. “Not the koala mirror that I wanted, but the koala mirror that I needed.”

10. “A never-worn pair of 1970s-’80s K-Mart running shoes for $9”

11. “This couch of my dreams that I tragically have no space for”

12. “Finally found a Tiffany Lamp after years on the lookout, so happy! It was around $75 at a local secondhand store.”

13. “Picked this up at a flea market last weekend, 10k gold and natural opal.”

14. “Thrifted the yellow couch, the yellow side tables, and the plant stand in the corner!”

15. “Beautiful old phone! Not sure how to call on it yet though.”

16. “My best thrift find ever, an 18k gold necklace with 82 diamonds”

“I believe your necklace might be worth $80k or more.” DeannaSewSilly / Reddit


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#15 is NOT an old phone 😂😂😂😂. They didn't have digital ANYTHING on phones like that back in the day those style phones were in use.


I love the opal ring! I usually prefer much smaller dainty jewelry but the colors are gorgeous in it.


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