15 People Whose Day Got 100 Times Better

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A little smile goes a long way in improving our mood and making us happier and more optimistic. There is a reason for joy around every turn, even if it’s something we observed that boosted our spirits or something we did that pleased us. Whether we seize the opportunity or let it slip away is entirely up to us. Accept the chance to grin when the universe graciously presents it to us.

1. ’’This was the only thing she wanted for Christmas. This is my nine year old daughter opening one of her gifts.’’

2. ’’All love, no poop!’’

3. ’’Taking a joyful child to preschool and picking him up even happier is great. Our way of transport includes cuddling.’’

4. ’’Being an uncle is great!’’

5. ’’Lost a whole 115 pounds over 14 months. Feeling confident and amazing about my progress!’’

6. ’’I finally did it. Not even my parents supported me in doing it but it was time!’’

7. ’’My grandpa had Alzheimer’s, but whenever he saw my grandmother, he would say, ’Look at my beautiful wife!’’’

8. ’’My mom has always wanted to go to university. Yesterday, at age 65, was her first day.’’

9. ’’My mom’s rescue dog Rico is best friends with my baby. I interrupted them watching Peppa Pig.’’

10. ’’2 years, 11 months, and 20 days of braces. Worth every second.’’

11. ’’My 79 year old grandma traveled over 2,000 miles to spend time with her great grandson. Look at the pure joy on both their faces.’’

12. ’’After a mastectomy, 6 months of chemotherapy, and 6 weeks of radiation, I rang the bell!’’

13. ’’My daughter caressing her mom 2 minutes after being born.’’

14. ’’After 8 years of trying, we welcomed our first child, Tessa, into the world.’’

15. ’’This made me smile after an awful day. That’s rare and I appreciate it.’’

What is the happiest thing you’ve ever caught on camera? We’d love to hear your ideas and see your pictures in the comments.

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