15 People Whose Makeup Skills Bring Stunning Artistic Looks to Life

2 years ago

Cosmetics have gone from only being used to boost looks to being the base of some truly artistic creations. Whether they make impressive optical illusions or paint the scenery in a photograph, makeup experts are redefining the boundaries of this activity. It’s mind-blowing to see how they transform themselves.

Bright Side found some talented folks who use their own faces, and even chests, as a canvas for their art.

1. “I did thermal vision with makeup.”

2. “The ’water’ was painted on my face using only makeup. This took me 4 to 5 hours.”

3. “I’m too proud not to show this off.”

4. “A makeup look inspired by a Greg Rakozy photograph

5. “Had to work during a heatwave, so I figured I’d have fun with my look.”

6. “A little lip art from the other day”

7. “These eyes were painted on my face using only makeup.”

8. “A thunderstorm look I finished today — the lightning is hand-cut paper.”

9. “Spent all day painting this Mario look.”

10. “A look inspired by Vanessa Davis

11. “A neon skull look with and without a black light”

12. “This is the second time I’ve ever painted hands.”

13. “A look for last year’s Halloween contest back when I was working at MAC”

14. “Taking 2-faced to a whole new level”

15. “Makeup is my favorite medium of art by far. Here’s a sunset look I did.”

Do you wear makeup? Do you consider yourself a creative person? Let us get to know you better in the comments!


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