20+ Pets That Can Fit Anywhere

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Instead of comfortable beds, pets usually prefer to stay and sleep in tiny places. These may include buckets, boxes, hats, paper bags, or even cups. Zoologists claim that this happens because some pets are solitary animals that always look for a safe hiding place to snooze. And that’s why sometimes our pets feel really comfortable in small places, even if they barely fit.

Bright Side has collected photos of animals who could squeeze themselves into tiny spaces and are enjoying their new beds. And we’re sure that you will enjoy them too.

1. “My cat curled up in my vacuum hose.”

2. “She knows she’s not supposed to ruin the plants...”

3. “What do you mean, I can’t fit?”

4. A “cat of milk,” anyone?

5. “Her name is Audrey, she is the smallest kitten I’ve ever seen, and she fell asleep in my roommate’s pocket like this.”

6. “My girlfriend’s cat was reunited with the basket he was brought home in.”

7. “Nothing can be better than a cup of a bunny in the morning!”

8. “If it fits, I sits!”

9. “A guitar case shouldn’t be empty!”

10. “Here’s some furry soup for you!”

11. “My kitten was eaten by a Croc.”

12. “The sink is the coolest place, I swear!”

13. “Hello, you got a pawfect parcel!”

14. “The perfect bed for your goat”

15. “Wherever we are, we should sleep together!”

16. “The dough has risen!”

17. “Would you like to have some bananas or cats?”

18. “Your hat is absolutely purrrfect!”

19. “A modern nest for a modern bird”

20. “Your cleaning is blocked, come later!”

21. “Some people take baskets to pick mushrooms or berries, but some pick cats!”

Do your pets also love to sit in tiny places? Share the funniest place they’ve stayed in!

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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