15+ Pets That Will Brighten Your Day, Right Here and Right Now

3 years ago

Some days are longer than others. On these days, all we need is something to make our heart a little warmer. For this, there is something that always works: animals. They have the immense, yet gentle power to bring comfort to our lives through their companionship, when they’re playing around in our yards, or while they’re just being cute in their sleep.

Whether you have a pet with you or not, we at Bright Side brought you 18 photos that will instantly make your day way better!

1. “Doga with Franklin”

2. “Mommy, what’s for breakfast?”

3. Meet Kylo. He breaks hearts for a living.

4. Unique coloring and sweetness overload in one!

5. My mom and dad got married!

6. When mom tells a good joke:

7. He is a little shy, but he’s sweet.

8. A mother’s love

9. Mommy said that I had to bring a jacket. She was right.

10. I’ll take 10 of these, thanks!

11. “My new puppy looks like a cloud.”

12. Working from home is so much harder with a sleepy kitten.

13. First Jeep ride of the year for our dog

14. Don’t bother me, I’m chilling.

15. People complained about a cat roaming around a law firm office, so they hired him. Meet Dr. Leon Advogato.

16. This is Nellie. She’s an astronaut.

17. Before and after being called a good boy

18. The Apriorinaked cattery owners keep the newborn kittens warm and cuddled.

Which of these have brightened your day? Tell us in the comments, we want to know your favorite!


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"My mum & dad got married" ?? i'll someday have that kind of baby


I love the hedgehog. Just peeking out, waiting for something tasty :)


No little birdy, you are not fat!

If I could, I would give it some treat


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