15 Photos Filled With Meaning That Made Us Shiver

2 years ago

Taking photographs has one of the biggest pros: with them, you may capture precious moments that have an entire story behind them. Thanks to social networks, people have the opportunity to share these stories with others by posting photos that not only make us laugh but also cry at times.

Today at Bright Side, we’ve made a collection of photos that will surely touch your heart and won’t leave you emotionless.

1. “Shortly after we rescued Paul, loving cuddles ensued.”

2. “I was 7, in bed, and realized I would die one day. I cried and my dad made this in response.”

3. This guy has 2 paws paralyzed and was thrown in the dump, but look at him now! He is truly the happiest dog in our shelter!"

4. “I found HUNDREDS of love letters between a sailor and his wife during 1918.”

“They start out as a secret couple, then marry after a few months!”

5. “Saying hello and saying goodbye”

6. “Got divorced a few months ago. The 8-year-old next door has me covered (and my roommate so she’s not left out).”

7. “And we worried about our rescue cat getting comfortable with his new environment and family...”

8. “One of the only 75 Colorado 1917 license plates issued in pre-tourist Aspen — just 2 survive today.”

9. “I was extremely sick a couple of days ago, so he kept me company.”

10. “My wife knows I’ve been struggling with depression for a while and decided to get me flowers this year.”

11. “This is Bambie, the cat who was born and raised in the Middle East, and now he’s seeing snow for the first time in his life.”

12. “My 82-year-old grandad sends me a Valentine’s Day card every year.”

“His writing is getting worse because of his tremor, but he always insists on writing it himself.”

13. “I invited Shaq to my wedding a few months ago. He didn’t make it, but he sent me and my wife an autographed photo.”

“It’s my favorite wedding present.”

14. “For 2 days, the rain hasn’t stopped, and it feels great to know that we are not alone in loving and caring for cats.”

15. “My uncle’s birthday was the other day, and his co-workers made him the best card EVER.”

Which of these photos has touched your heart? Share the images that have a big meaning for you!

Preview photo credit iWr4tH/Reddit


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