15+ Photos of Nature That Totally Look Like Something Else

3 years ago

You are not the only one who often sees human faces in objects and things. This scientific phenomenon is called Pareidolia and it is more common than you might think. In fact, to spot unusual living details in non-living objects may actually be a sign of a creative brain.

From weird landscapes to food items that totally look like something else, here are 15+ photos that were curated by Bright Side which will make you want to look twice to figure out what’s really going on in the picture!

1. “These 2 rocks look like a mother breastfeeding her newborn child.”

2. A newly opened tub of butter waking up from a long sleep.

3. Can you find the second elephant in the water?

4. “This shadow of a spider plant looks like an actual spider.”

5. “I thought this pinecone looked like a stack of pancakes, so I made some butter out of some fallen leaves.”

6. “This smoke from the fires in California looks like an old man and his dog.”

7. “King of the jungle on the backyard fence”

8. “My diabolical baby knee”

9. “This loaf of bread I saw at my local supermarket... I think it saw me first!”

10. A dog stick?

11. “This dead fly looks like a soldier with a flamethrower.”

12. “This tree in Graz (Austria), looks like a child is hugging it.”

13. “Is something trying to climb out of my jar of Nutella?”

14. “Not sure if my burger is disrespecting or provoking me.”

15. Baby Yoda, is that you? Nah, it’s just a jellyfish.

16. I’ll have what that happy bagel is having!

Do you often see human faces in ordinary objects? Have you ever caught them on camera? Share the photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Real_Clever_Username / Reddit


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