10+ Photos That Are Taking Absurdity to Whole New Heights

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The dictionary defines “absurdity” as a thing that is extremely unreasonable. It’s used in literature and spoken word to prove a point or create a certain atmosphere — we sometimes see absurdities in the world around us that leave literature in the dust.

Fish out of water

Whaaa... hold on!

Easy way to get a 6 pack

Safety first

The subway always attracts weird people...

Mmm... hairy sushi

Broke the system

What the heck is this bike made of?!

Didn’t hatch yet?

End of the road

Explains all the missing kids in the area

Did any of these leave you scratching your head? Be sure to share your favorites with us in the comments — we love hearing from you!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit marytylersmores/reddit, tapo/reddit


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I need to be now crazy. Do maybe I mean make more effort lol


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