15 Photos That Prove Anyone’s Teeth Can Be Transformed Into a Perfect Smile

2 years ago

Some people think that childhood and teenage years are the best times to wear braces. This is partially true. The age of 10-14 is probably the best time for that. But older people shouldn’t give up on their dream of having a perfect smile. You can start at any time.

This is what the people from this Bright Side compilation did. Read the entire article to see that you can get braces even if you are 50 years old.

1. “Braces are 100% the best thing I have done for myself and my confidence.”

2. “So amazed with the progress of my teeth in just a span of 3 months!”

3. “I can finally smile.”

4. 1 year later

5. 472 days later

6. 8 months of progress

7. “I love my new smile.”

8. 2 years later. It was worth it.

9. 7 months apart

10. Day 1 and day 391

11. After 1 year

12. “Just got them off yesterday after 2 years and I am feeling CONFIDENT in my smile for the first time!”

13. “Almost at the 1-year mark! Can’t believe the difference 😭 I smile so much now, and time has flown by.”

14. “Totally worth all the pain, time, and money.”

15. “Officially got my braces off yesterday and I’m insanely happy with the end results.”

Bonus: “People think that getting braces at the age of 50 is silly. But I’ve always wanted them.”

Do you or people you know have braces? Share your experiences!

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Preview photo credit nightstalkerr / Reddit


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