15+ Pics That Cannot Be Explained or Justified

2 years ago

Not everything in life has an explanation and even if it does, we are not always aware of it. Sometimes it’s just bad decisions made by people who weren’t thinking clearly. And other times, it’s nature doing its thing a bit differently than we’re used to.

Bright Side gathered 17 pictures that show how life can get unpredictable and surprising when we least expect it.

1. “Someone really needs to get a handle on this situation.”

2. “How my roommate chooses to eat his bananas.”

3. “I’ve seen shoes on power lines but a PS2 controller is a new one to me.”

4. “Access for wheelchairs on the stairs?”

5. A very interesting placement of the electrical outlet.

6. “This weird egg I found in the carton”

7. “Found this beauty at my local college.”

8. “E-bike melted chocolate”

9. “The date stamp was put on the bun instead of the bag.”

10. “Honey, don’t forget your Jandals.”

11. “If you’ve ever thought kids getting hurt one at a time isn’t efficient enough, here’s an idea.”

12. “This small tiled area in the middle of the carpet in this restaurant.”

13. How exactly would you use this slide?

14. “This Saab airplane has a hand hole.”

15. “This single roll of toilet paper on locked display in a tea house bathroom.”

16. “This tiny lockable door in a Taco Bell.”

17. “The first cough drop in the pack vs. the second. How did that even get packaged?”

Have you ever come across something that made you look twice to understand what was going on? You can share any photos you might have with us.

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Preview photo credit KingNeptune767 / reddit


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The weird egg is so big that it barely couldn’t be pressed out by that poor chicken, that probably get harmed by laying it. Don’t by eggs L or XL - hens are breeded to lay many and big eggs, what isn’t natural but animal cruelty.


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