15 Pics That Just Melt Our Hearts With Their Warmth

2 years ago

Some pics have the ability to warm our hearts, even on the coldest days. Whether it’s a photo that captures a great moment where a young child helps an elder with his shopping list or just a pic of a potato that is the spitting image of your dog, it’s enough to put a smile on our face.

We at Bright Side got the right 15 pics prepared just for you that’ll hopefully make your day just as they made ours.

1. “This is Jimmy — he travels with me and has seen 30 states and 20 national parks.”

2. “Mom says we’re twins.”

3. “2 dogs forming a heart with their snuggles”

4. “Because we all need a reason to smile.”

5. “I have to pee, guess that’s illegal now.”

6. “My boy, Charlie Brown, had surgery and has to wear a onesie to protect the incision.”

7. “These cats of Istanbul...just wanted to sit.”

8. “Welcome to Bear and Momo’s haunted house. Pet us if you dare!”

9. “Kitty has achieved nirvana.”

10. “I made my cat a little living room in a corner of my living room.”

11. “Bun bun”

12. “This child saw an elderly man having trouble shopping due to an immobile neck. The child helped him with his entire shopping list.”

13. “I had a film crew in my house and they asked me if my cat was camera shy. He posed like this, answering their question.”

14. “Watching a movie with my 5-year-old and he put his hand on mine and said, ’I love you, Daddy. You’re a good dad.’”

“It brought a tear to my 37-year-old eye.”

15. “The perfect camouflage”

Which of these images managed to fire up an emotional response from you? Share any similarly heartwarming pics you might have with your fellow Bright Side readers.

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit ArtSparkle / imgur


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