15+ Pics That Prove There Are Actually a Lot of Cool Things Around Us

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Drawn into a routine, we see the same things every day: we walk on the same streets, take the same buses, and meet the same people. Our eye is getting used to familiar things, and we often don’t notice many cool things that break through our routine and surround us. The heroes of this article have a talent for snapping the extraordinary in ordinary life.

We at Bright Side want to share these findings with our readers to remind you that there’s always something interesting, even on the most ordinary day.

1. “A line of campus bots following me at my college.”

2. “I found a car in Toronto overgrown with plants, on a busy street parked beside other cars.”

3. “My friend’s grandma uses her old box TV as a stand for her plasma TV.”

4. “This bathroom has a piano in it.”

5. “Just found this nature made terrarium in the woods!”

6. “This algae is growing inside a life ring, but not anywhere else.”

7. “A person in medieval armor just standing in the middle of Detroit.”

8. A black hotdog.

9. “Pathways created by ants inside a dead tree trunk.”

10. “The bike rack at this hospital is shaped like a heartbeat.”

11. “This motorcycle has a rubber ducky wearing a helmet.”

12. This kitty has a lot of extra toes.

13. “This building that looks like a picnic basket”

14. “The reflection on the windows make this building look see through.”

15. “This ambulance has stork decals, one for each of the babies born in the back.”

16. “Marshmallow went to the park and sat on the swings today!”

17. A train that came right from a cartoon

What was the last cool thing you randomly saw recently?

Preview photo credit latexf*** / Reddit


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