15 Pictures That Reveal the True Meaning of Bad Luck

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Bad luck is a tricky thing. We could be doing nothing special and just minding our own business, when all sorts of misfortune can strike. But it’s comforting to know that bad luck is a universal concept and that we’re not alone. Here are 15 pictures that capture the feeling of misfortune better than anything else.

1. ’’When getting dressed in the dark only to look down upon getting to work."

2. “Had to check and see if there was pressure in the pipe. Well yes, there was. P.S., It’s black car paint.”

3. “Does this make my cat an abstract expressionist?”

4. “My ring that I got from my deceased grandfather just broke while I was cleaning up.”

5. “Just rented an RV for the weekend, forgot to take off the glass when cooking.”

6. “Wife went to a Christmas party tonight at a former premier league stadium. This is the meal they paid £35 for.”

7. “Charger prong stuck in the plug”

8. “My view of the band”

9. “Buy some hay,” she said. “It will be cool for the fall decorations,” she said.

10. “Mistakes were made.”

11. “Wanted a drink with lunch.”

12. “The one time I didn’t use a lingerie bag in the laundry.”

13. “Probably the worst thing to ever happen.”

14. “My only expensive shades”

15. “It’s better than nothing.”

What is the greatest bad luck story you have ever heard?


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