15 stocking stuffers you’ll want to buy right away

7 months ago

Don’t we all love giving gifts to our loved ones? If choosing presents is one of your main holiday goals, you are definitely at the right place. Gifts don’t have to be massive and super expensive. They can be compact, useful, and small enough to fit inside your holiday stockings.

1. A 5-pack of wool socks that will keep anyone warm and feeling cozy. They are soft, durable, and breathable. They come in US 5–9 sizes and a variety of colors. You can wear them at school, while hiking, working, or just staying home.

It is suggested that you handwash them and you don’t iron them. They are very elastic, but you don’t have to worry about slipping or loosening. They can be work with all kinds of boots, sports shoes, and leather shoes.

Promising review:

  • These socks are very cute, soft and comfortable. They’re not as thick as I was expecting, but they keep my feet warm and dry. There were no laundry instructions, and I was worried about putting them in the dryer due to the partial wool content, but there’s been no shrinkage when dried on low/permanent press setting. They’re very stretchy and comfortable to wear. Well worth the price! @Stephanie A.B.

2. A 4-pack of lip balms you can place in all your stockings. They come in different scents, including pineapple, berry agua fresca, dragon fruit lemon, and coconut pear. They offer tremendous moisture and leave a tin-free matte look on your lips.

These balms are 100% natural, and you only need one brush to moisturize your lips. It doesn’t contain any parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS. The nutrient-rich ingredients nourish and revitalize your lips.

Promising review:

  • My lips tend to dry out all year around. I’ve tried a wide variety of products before purchasing Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. This is the one I’ll stick with.
    It’s cooling and soothing. It prevents my lips from chapping and leaves them healthy and even younger looking. In addition, lipstick can be applied directly on top of the balm. I highly recommend this fantastic product. @Diane

3. Squishy cat toys made of soft silicone that will make both kids and adults happy. They help with anxiety, nail-biting, and boredom. Pinching the kittens on their belly with your thumb helps you calm down and regain focus in even the most stressful of situations.

They are quite strong and can withstand a fair amount of squeezing, pinching, fidgeting, and stretching. The kittens are 2 inches big and only 4.8 ounces. No matter how hard you squish them, they will always go back to their original form.

Promising review:

  • This package of 2 little squishy kitties is so cute! I love them. I am currently going through a medical condition with lots of pain. I spend a lot of hours in bed. I have essential items on a tray, but sometimes there are extra layers on that tray — call phone, note pad, today’s mail, my tablet, and so on. My phone lies between my 2 squishy kitties, keeping it in place.
    I had also purchased a second package of 2 kitties. They have been given to a sweet 7-year-old. I never had children, so I find cute gifts for my friend’s grandchildren. These little kitties are perfect. @PattyCakes

4. Rainbow mini notes you can create any art you can imagine using the wooden stylus. 125 notes are included in the package and are ideal for doodles, illustrations, and simple scratches. They are suitable for kids over the age of 4.

The notes are all black but using the stylus on them creates rainbow-colored designs. This item is perfect for classrooms, birthday gifts, Christmas stocking stuffers, and gifts for any occasion.

Promising review:

  • This is for all ages. I used these at the beginning of the school year and asked the students to write their goal. They loved them and seemed to have many goals because they wanted more and more. My colleagues were having fun with them too. @JJ

5. A poo-pourri spray that smells like lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass. You just stray it inside the toilet water to prevent unpleasant smells from taking over your bathroom. Spritz 3–5 sprays, and you will notice your bathroom will smell like a meadow.

The 0.33 oz travel sized spray will last you for 20 uses. The formula is 100% cruelty-free, and you can use it in other places too. Spray it in the nursery or inside trash cans to eliminate strong and overpowering odors.

Promising review:

  • It’s a pleasure and a sense of confidence to use Poo-Pourri. It really does work and the citrus scent is pleasant not over powering, it’s just right.
    We live in a two-bathroom apartment and have Poo-pourri in both bathrooms. So glad I tried it, we won’t be without it. It’s been a fun gift for friends and families. They like it too. @Real Thing

6. A collection of 6 shower steamers. Each one of them has a different scent, including lavender, menthol and eucalyptus, vanilla, watermelon, grapefruit, and peppermint. They are made with essential oils, natural fragrances, and are cruelty-free.

Simply place one of your shower fizzies in the corner of your shower and do not submerge it in water. They don’t leave stains and work perfectly both in hot and cold water temperatures.

Promising review:

  • So these are used in a smaller shower stall, off the main bathroom, so I have no problem smelling them once they get activated. I also specifically use the menthol /eucalyptus. Probably only get one or two showers out of one tablet, but for freshening the air or helping clear out your sinuses — I think it checks the box. I got my mom a pack since her well water has a faint smell of sulfur, and she is happy with how they mask the smell. @C. Steimel

7. A universal socket tool most men will find useful. It can adjust to any shape or size and help you do minor fixes around the house. It can unscrew any bolt and is super practical since it can fit in your pocket. It can be easily connected with most electric drills.

It is made from 54 chrome vanadium steel, and can move to different types of fasteners without changing every socket. It is ideal for everyday use and saves up a lot of space. The well-made steel ensures no slipping.

Promising review:

  • This was a fun gift that I gave to my Dad a few months back! He does a lot of do it himself stuff, and was really excited to have this gadget. He’s liked using it on jobs that require a lot of working with different sized bolts. He likes the fact that he doesn’t need to carry a whole set of sockets around on some of his projects because he knows this one will fit for most.
    The one thing I’d have to say is that I’m not sure how this product does with heavy-duty work because my Dad has only used it for small jobs so far. @Beck G

8. An IKEA key and coin zipper bag you can attach to your keychain. It is 3.2 inches high and 4.2 inches wide. You can even keep your ear buds inside the little bag. It’s just a great alternative to carry your money in when you don’t have a big bag with you.

You can use it to store any item you want to keep close to you, including your ID, and your credit card. It can hold up to $20 in coins and is made of the exact same material the actual IKEA bags are made of.

Promising review:

  • I love this little coin purse. I’m a coin purse connoisseur and kind of collect them at this point, and this one has definitely gotten me the most compliments. It’s the exact same material as the bigger version of the IKEA bags. If you know those bags, you know it takes a lot to rip/tear one of them. Great purchase for a great price. @yahkirah nunn

9. Macaron cases that can serve as jewelry boxes, pill boxes, and candy containers. The plastic material is non-slip, durable, weather resistant, and prevents scratching. The macarons are so small that can fit even in your pocket. They come in packages of 6.

Each macaron is colored differently, so you can easily distinguish them. You can even store your ear phones in one of them for safekeeping. The colors are very bright and will help you never lose the macarons.

Promising review:

  • These are the best little containers EVER! I use them for so many things: change ’purse’ for my work locker, pill containers, small jewelry holder for my purse. When I bought these I was worried about wasting the extra ones, I only wanted 2 initially, but now that I’ve had them for a bit I use them all.
    I’ve used a few daily and none of them have broken or popped open, and I’ve had these for 2.5 months already! Cannot praise these things enough, hopefully this helps someone! I was wondering how long they’d last and if they were reliable, didn’t see a review stating either. Definitely worth the money. @Meghan Danielle

10. Detangling brush that is suitable for both adults and kids. This comb glides through hair and doesn’t cause any pain. It is ideal for all hair types that are either wet or dry. The high-quality bristles won’t lose their shape as they gently put tangled hair apart.

This comb doesn’t have beads at the end of the bristles, and that’s why it is so painless. It is perfect not only to keep at home, but also to take traveling with you. They are small and can fit in all bags and even in your pocket.

Promising review:

  • Ok, I admit it. I don’t brush my hair as often as I should. It’s always twisted up in a messy bun, and it just knots up like crazy. I’m talking single dreadlock, just about.
    So when I saw this, I hopped on over to Amazon and scooped this baby up. Well, let me tell you, it WORKS. And it works hard on the rat’s nest on top of my head.
    The best part? It doesn’t hurt! It actually makes me want to brush my hair. It takes care of all the knots and lumpy bits and makes it shiny and smooth! Maybe I’ll have to start brushing it TWICE a week. @Cindy M. Normand

11. A bag of reindeer farts (aka cotton candy). This is just the perfect funny gift for kids and adults and comes in peppermint flavor. The 3-ounce bag will help you stuff your Christmas stockings with the cotton candy. You can maybe choose this as your secret Santa gift.

Each bag of reindeer farts comes with three full ounces of packed cotton candy. The candy is gluten-free and allergen-friendly, made in a nut-free facility, so everyone can enjoy regardless of their allergies.

Promising review:

  • I won’t lie — the whole reason I purchased this is because I knew that my kids would laugh at the name. However, I was really happy with how yummy the actual cotton candy in the bag was! The candy was fresh, and well packaged, and the product name got the laughs expected.
    Overall, I would say it’s a bit expensive for what you get (though it was easily enough for me and two children to share), but would still recommend as a cute/silly gift for someone who would get a kick out of this type of thing. @Deb

12. Matcha green tea powder for those who love hot or cold drink by the fireplace. The product is 100% organic, gluten-free, caffeinated, full of antioxidants, and vegan. One tin of this powder can make 30 cups, which means you spend less than $1 per cup.

To use the powder, whisk 1/4 teaspoon of matcha with 2 oz of hot water. You can combine it with your beverage of choice and enjoy hot or iced. If you have a milk frother you can top your drink with some milk.

Promising review:

  • I love this matcha. It’s not the best quality matcha I’ve ever had, but it’s not bad either. I can definitely notice a taste difference in this one vs my more expensive brand, but I personally like the taste a lot. The container is really small, but I should’ve paid attention to that before I ordered. Overall very satisfied. @Katherine Mileusnich

13. Super cute Airpod cases that come in various designs, including burger, chicken leg, boba tea, pizza, steak, and fried egg. The cases are compatible with Airpods 1st and 2nd generation and can be charged while in the case.

You can hang the case from your keys, and it won’t get damaged easily since it’s made from durable silicone material. It offers full body protection for your Airpods against scratches, bumps, finger marks, falls, and dirt.

Promising review:

  • I love this case! It came in good condition, for that I rate it a 10/10. The only thing is the straw isn’t sturdy. It’s made out of silicone so it will be loose my broke off, but is still cute without it. PURCHASE THIS. @Donya and Daria Peterson

14. Character sheets masks that make for the perfect gift for people of all ages. They are suitable for all skin types and help moisturize and lift the skin. They contain collagen and fruit extract that help seal moisture. The Cheetah mask makes the skin feel smoother and softer.

The llama mask contains lavender and protein extract to calm and tone irritated skin. The unicorn and panda mask contain botanical extracts, which reduce the appearance and signs of aging. The Unicorn Mask contains Alaska glacier water, which helps balance pH levels in your skin.

Promising review:

  • I must say, I really enjoyed these fun masks! Super cute. They come with a variety of fun characters.
    They do come presoaked, and they did moisturize my face and left it feeling squeaky clean. Beside having the cute faces, these masks are pretty much like any other mask you get from Target. Yes I would recommend. @EvelynAlvarez

15. Customized pet socks that help you carry your favorite pet on you all day long. You can choose between many colors and send the picture of your pet. The creators will print their face on the socks in a repeating pattern.

To ensure the highest quality print, note that this product requires pictures with high resolution and visible faces. Each sock is printable except the toe and heel portion that are solid black.

Promising review:

  • I got these customized socks for my husband. I can’t remember the exact photo I sent them, but they got her face out of it and printed perfectly! I plan to order more for the rest of my family now that this one came out so good!
    A tip: if you have a dark-colored dog, use a light background. Conversely, if you have a light colored dog, use a dark background to get the best quality and clarity of the image. @lauren s morrow

Looking inside your stockings and unwrapping all the presents in one of the most pleasant moments of Christmas holidays. Based on the wants and needs of each person, you can pick the most marvelous presents that will put a smile on their faces.

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews may have been edited for length and clarity.


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