10+ Stories Proving That Together We Can Change the World for the Better

10 months ago

There are people who appear at very unexpected but very good moments. And sometimes they are ready to sacrifice everything they have just because they feel like it. For example, the homeless guy who spent the only $20 he had to help a girl he didn’t know who got stuck in the middle of the road without gas in her car. And sometime later, this girl raised $400,000 for him. And this is just one story.

These stories are often not widely known, but they make us believe in humanity again. They make us believe that there are people who do good things without expecting any gratitude or praise.

Bright Side has collected stories that are full of kindness. And at the end of the article, we have prepared a bonus for you to prove that animals can be compassionate too.

This Kenyan runner gave water to a Chinese runner who was very dehydrated. As a result, she lost her lead and finished in 2nd place.

This 7-year-old girl raised $750,000 for her friend’s treatment.

7-year-old Dana and her mother are from an American town named Boulder, and they created a foundation to help her friend Mila who was diagnosed with a very rare fatal disease — Batten disease. The treatment of this condition costs around $700,000.

To collect a lot of money very quickly, Dana and her mother started making cookies and selling them to their neighbors. And when more people found out about Cookies 4 Mila, people around the country started ordering cookies. This little hero has raised more than $750,000, so Mila will get the surgery she needs.

A Danish woman fought a superstition.

In 2016, Danish philanthropist Anja Ringgren Lovén found a boy, Hope, in Nigeria. He was walking around the streets, starving and riddled with worms. As it turned out, in Nigeria, there is a superstition that some children are witches. If a child is accused of being a witch, they are thrown outside and not cared for. So Anja helped the boy and started a rescue mission to save more children, setting up a foundation for kids who are considered to be witches. As you can see, Hope has undergone an amazing change and is now healthy.

A 6-year-old boy presented 170 pairs of shoes to homeless people.

On a rainy day, 6-year-old Ryder saw a homeless person in the street who didn’t have an umbrella or even shoes. This shocked the boy, so he and his parents started the fundraising process to buy shoes for the needy. It took Ryder 5 months to raise more than $7,000. He bought almost 170 pairs of boots, socks, gloves, and ponchos.

A retired woman was fined €2,000 for collecting bottles, and people raised €7,000 for her.

Anna Leeb, a retired woman, collected empty bottles in the central railway station in Munich to earn a little money. But after the railway management changed, she was forbidden to do this. Anna once took an empty bottle, and the guards took her away from the railway station. More than that, she had to pay a €2,000 fine.

After this story got to the newspapers, people got very angry. One person decided to start a fundraising campaign to pay for the fine because they thought it was unfair. And it took only a few days to raise enough money to pay the fine and even more. All the money was given to the woman.

Simple things make the world a better place.

This man couldn’t step onto the escalator. A few minutes later, a guy came up to the man, took his hand, and offered him help. When they were going down, the old man said quietly that once he got stuck on an escalator and had been afraid of them since then. And if it hadn’t been for this nice guy, he wouldn’t be brave enough to take that first step.

A man taught a stranger how to tie a tie.

A young man was sitting in a subway station and couldn’t tie his tie properly. A woman in a red coat was standing near him and asked her husband to help the guy. The man didn’t hesitate to show how it’s done.

Police officers got some clothes and a haircut for a homeless person.

Little Walt used to present pajamas to adopted children, and now he helps the homeless.

In 2016, 5-year-old Walt from San Francisco saw an ad for a campaign. Its goal was to collect pajamas and give them to families with adopted children. This ad impressed Walt so much that he asked all his friends and relatives to give him only pajamas, which he later gave to adopted children. A little time later, Walt and his mother set up a foundation, and in less than a month they raised more than $4,000. Walt realized that homeless people also need help. So he and his sister became volunteers in a local nonprofit organization that helps homeless people and low-income families.

A shop assistant presented an expensive juicer to a woman who had cancer.

Jeremy works for Vitamix, a company that sells juicers. He once saw a woman in the store and started talking to her. As it turned out, the woman had cancer and needed a juicer for a healthy diet. But the woman couldn’t afford to buy the device because all her money was spent on treatment.

A little time later, Jeremy came up to the woman and presented her with a juicer that cost more than $400. She burst into tears because of how kind this stranger was.

A homeless man helped a girl by spending his last $20, and she raised $400,000 for him.

Kate McClure was driving to Philadelphia and ran out of gas. She was scared and didn’t know what to do. Then a homeless guy came up to her and told her to stay in the car because it wasn’t safe to be outside. He left, but 20 minutes later he brought her a can of gas. Johnny spent his last $20 so that Kate could return home safely. The girl didn’t have any cash to return to him. So, during the following weeks, she drove past this place to give the homeless guy a jacket, a hat, socks, and food.

In November 2017, the girl organized a fundraising campaign for Johnny to help him start a new life. This story was so moving for many people that just 2 months later, more than $400,000 was raised. Johnny used this money to buy a house and a car, and he will donate the rest of the money to the people who have helped him over the years.

Which of these stories impressed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Anja Ringgren Lovén / Facebook


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