15 Summer Must-Haves From Amazon That Cost Less Than £30

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One study says the human brain works better in the summer. We’ve found a reason to love this time of year even more. So let’s be ready to meet it! Amazon and its cool products are helping all of us to have the best summertime ever!

We at Bright Side have collected items costing under £30 that can bring the full £1,000 of fun!

1. A handy bag with ice balls is an essential summer accessory.

2. A portable octopus fan will help you stay cool anywhere.

3. You won’t be afraid to wet your gadgets on the beach with this waterproof bag.

4. Keep your valuables safe with this secret brush.

5. Exotic birds will keep your towels from flying all over the beach.

6. No more boring picnic dishes

7. A big waterproof blanket will be your main companion when you’re outdoors.

8. This mesh bag is the most resistant to sand and water.

9. A Hawaiian party skirt that could be right in your backyard!

10. No more fear of being bitten by an insect!

11. You will enjoy lying in bed not only in your bedroom.

12. Sticks for drinks will make a festive mood even while watching TV.

13. The sunshade triangle will keep you out of the sun’s reach.

14. No more scattered food and spilled drinks thanks to this picnic table!

15. Reusable ice cubes are both funny and useful!

What are the top 3 most useful things to take on a picnic or to the beach for you?

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