15+ Sweet Photos That Prove Animals Are Our Truest Best Friends

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Pets are pretty important for millions of people around the globe. Moreover, they are often considered friends or even inalienable family members. They can also help you deal with emotions, especially in difficult times. And they will always enjoy your company no matter what.

1. “A girl teaching her cat how to write”

2. “He caught his first chicken.”

3. “He wants belly rubs.”

4. “Guess who?”

5. “Seriously?”

6. “He was mad I was paying attention to the game and not to him.”

7. “My dog, Doobie, being a derp with my littlest sister”

8. “Yesterday, I went to an amusement park.”

9. “This alley cat comes by every morning to say hello.”

10. “Never been happier!”

11. “Well, you’re trapped there, and your girl loves you!”

12. “The joys of going for a walk on a warm day”

13. “My teacher brought a baby squirrel to class.”

14. “I love him, but sometimes he’s weird.”

15. “Protecting their tiny hooman”

16. “Went out to apologize to the garbage guys for having a ton of trash this week.”

“They ended up taking a break and playing with the dogs for 5 minutes.”

17. “Give me a sweet kiss, pretty please.”

What types of pets do you prefer? Have you ever had one that became your true friend? Please tell us how it happened. And don’t forget to attach some photos as well!

Preview photo credit usernot_found / Reddit


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