15 Tattoos From a Korean Artist, Nonlee, That’ll Make Your Inner Beauty-Lover Rejoice

year ago

Every once in a while, when various tattoos show up in your Instagram feed, they can really make an impression. And the work of South Korean tattooist Nonlee may do just that. This woman has just started her work in the tattooing industry, but she already has a profile that makes over 150,000 people come back again and again. She uses intricate lines, precise lighting, and creative color combinations, and invites us into her surreal world of micro realism.

Nonlee has always been passionate about art and painting.

Based in Seoul, South Korean tattoo artist Nonlee is making a stir on the Internet with her colorful micro realism tattoos. Her work is mainly based on fine art, and she is no stranger to it.

The woman has always been passionate about painting. She graduated from college as an art major and worked as a painting teacher for 10 years.

In an interview, she said, “I love painting. And I love to create from scratch. But at the same time, I am longing for a change in my life.” The opportunity knocked at her door when she went to get a tattoo herself, and instantly, she fell in love with the tattoo artist’s work.

The artist has a special attitude about what she’s doing.

It hasn’t been that long since Nonlee started tattooing, yet she already has both an impressive profile and a deep love for what she creates.

In her interview, she said, “It’s a form of art, just like what I’ve been doing for a long time. But it is permanent and so closely related to the people. That’s what makes the job so attractive to me.”

Nonlee feels very responsible for the results of her work.

Putting a permanent mark on other people is powerful. And it’s important for the artist that the tattoo brings satisfaction and gives strength to whoever wears the creation. But having power means bearing responsibility. And one thing that Nonlee deals with on a daily basis is the huge pressure of it all.

She said, “When you think about how your work will influence another person, it’s really exciting and terrifying. And it requires your full attention to every detail. And sometimes it’s hard to concentrate for a long time, especially on big pieces.”

The artist has a lot of dreams and ambitions.

Nonlee treats adversity and challenges as a chance to master and grow. She is determined to become better and better at tattooing with practice.

She speaks about her dreams, explaining, “My goal this year is to solidify my style and practice whenever I can. I love being a tattooist and creating amazing illustrations on the skin. When you do your job with passion, your clients will feel it.”


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