15 Times Genetics Pulled Off Magic That Even Fairy Godmothers Would Envy

4 weeks ago

You never know what surprises your genes might have in store. Maybe you’ll be tall, have a perfectly symmetrical face, or something unusual like super flexible joints or unique eyes. While these traits might not be useful, they can definitely amaze your friends and people online.

1. “My double-jointed arm.”

2. “My hand muscle bunches up when I spread my fingers.”

3. “Shaved my head and found these weird lines in it.”

4. “My veins spell out ‘YO.’”

5. “My vasculature (left), compared to my man Cody’s (right).”

6. “My newborn son has completely different shaped ears.”

7. “I was born with a crooked bone in my skull resulting in my unique eyebrow.”

8. “Massive color difference between my hands.”

9. “My daughter and I have a freckle in the exact same spot on the same leg.”

10. “My single extremely long leg hair.”

11. “My two porcelain crowns don’t glow in blacklight like the rest of my teeth.”

12. “I have hereditary angioedema, which causes my body parts to spontaneously swell at times (left is normal, right is swollen).”

13. “There’s one red hair amongst my black hair in my beard.”

14. “When I squeeze my partner’s mouth together, it looks like he has two identical sets of lips together side by side.”

15. “I have a patch on my leg with an abnormal amount of hair.”

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