15 Wedding Products From Amazon That Can Turn Your Big Day Into a Fairy Tale

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The most expensive wedding happened in 2004 and made it to the Guinness Book of Records. The sum is huge. It’s a mere $55 million (or over £28 million at that time). We can only imagine how much they had to spend on decor only. Thankfully, Amazon suggests cool decor that won’t drain your wallet.

We at Bright Side prepared a list of ceremony decor, jewelry, and creative accessories that are all available for your big day.

15. A very elegant headpiece that will compliment any dress

14. A perfect detail for your wedding photos

13. You can use these pretty hearts as an alternative to confetti.

12. Green grass inside will protect your rings from wear and movement.

11. There are so many uses for this holder: table numbers, a photo, a menu, and even a balloon holder.

10. Here is a sparkling decoration for your cake:

9. Add a touch of tenderness to your hairstyle

8. Carefully hand-made for your party:

7. Once the wedding is over, you can decorate your home.

6. You can paint them all or leave them as they are.

5. A sweet way to show your love to the entire world!

4. A small detail for your bridesmaids:

3. Add some light and fresh flowers to wow your guests to the core.

2. Add an extra personal touch to your day.

1. No one’s wedding can go without hearts.

What wedding have you been dreaming of since your childhood? What products fit your dreams perfectly?

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Nice options! Honestly I see a few things I’d love even though I’m already married. Great list! Thank you.

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