16 Amazing Inventions We’d Start Using Right Away

5 years ago

We are often irritated by everyday things: entangled cords from our charging devices, broken or dirty benches in the park, or when we can’t make a choice between 2 drinks. But among us, there are people who are really creative and they don’t want to put up with the little things that irritate them. So, they invented really cool solutions. We don’t know the names of the creators, but we still admire the work they do.

Bright Side has collected some cool things that will make your life easier and more comfortable.

1. This kids’ slide with rollers near Osaka Castle

2. Charging drawer

3. Designers made this box with one handle in the back to even out the weight.

4. If you can’t decide on one drink this place has a split cup so you don’t have to choose.

5. This is a Camden bench. It limits 22 unwanted behaviors: sleeping outside, trashing, skateboarding, drug dealing, theft, graffiti, and so on.

6. “Grandpa’s pillbox and bottle in one”

7. The numbers come up in random positions to prevent guessing based on wear patterns.

8. This airport put holes in the fence for photographers.

9. This airplane has no physical blinds on the windows. They are electrochromic.

10. This sake-serving bottle has a hole in the side for ice.

11. This bench has USB ports.

12. Gloves for washing dishes

13. A manual on survival inside a camping backpack

14. This spoon with an indent so it doesn’t slip into the bowl

15. These traffic light figures in Vienna that fell in love

16. Bed of the future

It can track your sleep and other health indicators, it has a built-in screen and sound system, and of course, you will be able to see the night sky when you fall asleep.

Which example of cool design did you like the most?

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Dayum, I'd hate to see the price tag on that bed! And it better be adjustable, too, or it would still be a no-go.


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