16 Comics About Relationships That Take Off Your Rose-Colored Glasses but Are Still Adorable

2 years ago

Mrs. Frollein can compete with famous celebrities. This ongoing series of comics — which reflects a wide range of situations all girls deal with — keeps almost 500k followers waiting eagerly for new posts. Additionally, the creator, Valérie Minelli, shows her and her boyfriend’s daily life unvarnished and admits that living together is not always like it is in the movies, however, these exact life situations have their own charm and coziness.

Here at Bright Side, we love relatable comics, and, of course, we couldn’t help but want to share the best ones with you. You can thank us later.

1. “Every time we watch a scary movie”

2. “I’ve thought about it, so it’s a date!”


4. Kisses are the best medicine. Not always though...

5. When spring comes and it becomes sunnier

6. The most tantalizing aroma

7. So soothing!

8. “All my stuffed animals HAVE to stay with ME.”

9. A relationship is about reading between the lines.

10. “I will never learn.”

11. We’re easy to break when it comes to presents.

12. “Leaves, I love leaves.”

13. “Because I looooove you!”

14. What is hidden behind closed doors in every family

15. “Every time I get him new clothes...I get some new clothes for myself too.”

16. “Not on my watch, mister!”

The scary movie illustration is our absolute favorite! What other comics about everyday life do you like? We’d be happy to see your comments in the section below.

Preview photo credit mrs.frollein / instagram


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the truth is, relationships are adorable no matter what ;)


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