16 Mind-Boggling Photos That Captured the Magic Moment

4 years ago

Sometimes, when you look around, you’ll notice a special moment: for example, you see the sun rising from the inside of a building or you confuse a wheel reflection for a planet! If you manage to get your camera out quickly, you may end up with a bright and original shot. It’s cool to both have and share these cool photos with people online.

Bright Side feels the magic of the moment captured in these 16 photos from internet users and we can’t help but share them with you.


Honey Osrin of Plymouth competes in the Women’s 50m Backstroke heats during the Edinburgh International Swim Meet.

The way the sun looks like it is rising from inside of the building

“High seas on the roof of my car this morning”

“I took a picture of a raven in mid-jump and it looks like it’s photoshopped.”

“The picture I took out of a plane window looks like a painting.”

“At the right time of day, my dog’s favorite napping spot makes him look really magical.”

“I saw this lake that is shaped like a fish outside my plane window.”

“My dog on a frozen lake after a little rain”

The tree destroyer has arrived.

This wall seems to have lost a dimension.

Endless beauty

The pole in this picture makes it look like 2 different pictures.

Looking smart!

The Moon resting between the Sears Tower antennas

The steering wheel reflection looks like a planet in the sky.

Bonus: “Moo?”

Have you ever captured anything as unique as these photos?

Preview photo credit webneel


I'm really bad at taking photos, I can't even take a good selfie!
So, I just have to enjoy beautful photos on the Internet...
Now I will have to try to make the same photo of my slipper in the water! Looks cool

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