16 Normal Things That Women Should Not Feel Insecure About

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8 months ago

Every day society is becoming more and more tolerant of different looks and types of behavior. Nevertheless, many women still feel insecure about their appearance. In this article, we would like to show what things about our looks or behavior are absolutely acceptable today, and some celebrities share these views too.

1. Peach fuzz

So-called peach fuzz on the face is normal, and most women have it above the upper lip and on the chin.

2. Dry skin on the heels

Corn and calluses are the result of the foot rubbing against the shoe and the pressure of our weight on the heel. This is completely normal. You might feel worried about it only if the dry skin causes you pain.

3. Not perfectly straight legs

Even if your legs are not very straight, that’s no reason to feel insecure and hide them. After all, the feeling of confidence doesn’t depend on the shape of your legs or other body parts.

For example, Christina Aguilera’s legs were once compared with carrots. The singer was not offended at all, but on the contrary, began to appear more often in public in short skirts and dresses.

4. Not ideal toes

CJLA / Broadimage / Broad Image / East News

Crooked toes are quite common. And they can be this way from birth or become this way over a lifetime. And there is also the term “Morton’s toe,” which is a peculiar foot structure in which the second toe is longer than the first one. There is no need to be insecure about these physiological peculiarities.

5. Gray hair

Many women simply can’t stand their gray hair and dye it no matter what. Probably they think that silver hair makes them look older and unattractive. But Meryl Streep and Andy MacDowell think of it in a totally different manner. The actresses proudly wear their gray hair, and we don’t think that anyone would dare to call them unattractive.

6. Big nose


Beauty standards dictate that women’s nose should be small even if it looks weird on some faces.

Film director Sofia Coppola has had a big nose all her life. In an interview, she said that she once broke her nose and went to the doctor. And he tried to persuade her to get a nose job. But Sofia had enough self-confidence to refuse, and today she doesn’t regret her decision at all.

7. Not snow-white teeth

Despite countless commercials that promote snow-white teeth, it’s important to remember that everyone’s teeth are different. Tooth enamel can be of different thickness and shade, and it is totally normal.

8. Wet armpits

Sweating is an integral part of body function. It contributes to the release of heat, which helps maintain optimum body temperature. If we didn’t sweat, our bodies would literally boil on the inside.

We don’t feel embarrassed when we sneeze, right? So why do we still feel insecure about underarm sweat stains after working out or in warm weather?

9. Not flat belly


If all your life you’ve struggled to get a flat belly, it’s time to relax and accept the healthy, strong body you have. A six-pack maybe looks great when you’re wearing a bikini, but women’s health requires a body fat percentage of at least 15%.

10. Laughing and talking loudly

A confident woman expresses her emotions openly. And if you have a loud voice, you’re emotional and like to laugh, what is the point of trying to restrain yourself? It won’t make you any happier.

11. Natural eyebrows

We need our eyebrows to express our emotions. And fashion for them comes and goes. In the 1920s, thin eyebrows were a hit. And in the 2010s, very thick eyebrows came into fashion, until the famous Rihanna appeared on the cover of a glossy magazine with skinny eyebrows in 2018. But no matter how fashion changes, it’s pointless to feel insecure about the natural look of your eyebrows.

12. Problem skin

There is no such thing as flawless skin. A near-perfect result can be achieved by going through various beauty procedures. However, most of the photos you see on social media have nothing to do with reality. So there’s no point in feeling insecure that your skin is far from the unrealistic ideal.

13. The makeup that doesn’t suit you, according to others

Life is too short to refuse yourself in simple pleasures. So if you’ve long dreamed of wearing silver eyeshadow, purple lipstick or green glitter on your face, why not do it? Even if someone says it doesn’t suit you for some reason. Your happiness is more important than someone else’s unsolicited opinion.

14. Colorful hair if you’re over 40

You can express yourself at any age even if the society believes that colorful hair is not a suitable style for a mature woman. But a confident woman can decide for herself what is acceptable for her and what is not. And experimenting with the own looks immediately makes a person brighter and more interesting.

15. No gel nail extensions

Dylan Travis / ABACA / Abaca / East News

Long gel nail extensions in a variety of colors are super popular now. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re less attractive or feminine without long nails. Many women simply feel more comfortable to have their nails in a natural way.

16. Grown-out roots

face to face/FaceToFace/REPORTER/East News, © imagepressagency / Depositphotos

Many people think that grown-out roots can ruin the whole look. But let’s follow the example of Sharon Stone, who feels confident about her gray hair and just chooses a right hairstyle to play with it. Or of Madonna, who looks stylish with her natural hair color.

There are so many stereotypes about perfect appearance and ideal body, that it is great to see celebrities break them.

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