15 Naughty Pets Who Make Us Love Them Even More

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Humans aren’t the only beings that can can express their emotions — animals can too. Changes in posture, eye size and gaze, facial expressions, and sound, can indicate specific emotional responses depending on a situation. And pet owners can probably guess what their animal is feeling right now. We suggest you also guess the emotions of the pets we collected in this article.

1. “A little hippo”

2. “The most efficient way to spread white hair over all your black clothes”

3. “My cat destroying my very first house plant”

4. When there is food, obstacles disappear.

5. “My dog is so mad at me for putting him in a sweater that he won’t look at me or eat the treat I gave him for wearing it.”

6. “Came home to find this. Not sure how long she was in there, but she was pretty content to stay in there.”

7. “Porter has a peanut butter addiction.”

8. “RIP expensive soft Kleenex”

9. “Of all the dogs I’ve ever had, he’s the worst one.”

10. “Just playing video games with Dad...”

11. “I heard my older lab crying and came out to find his little brother blocking the stairs.”

12. “It’s all mine!”

13. “My friend’s cat is a bit too spicy for the vet. She gets the space helmet with every visit.”

14. “My disservice dog has outdone herself this time.”

15. “My dog pretending to be asleep in the middle of the road because she doesn’t want to go home”

How good are you at recognizing your pet’s emotions?

Preview photo credit squigglydoodle / Reddit


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