16 Photos With a Story That Can Light Up a Room

2 years ago

Every now and then, we thank our lucky stars for all that we have — for the beautiful souls in our lives, for the thoughtfulness of strangers, and for our health. These moments deserve to be celebrated and shared with the world, as some people have really battled through life, leaving an incredible story behind. These 16 photos prove that there is so much love and kindness in the world today.

Bright Side found these stories behind each photo so inspiring and encouraging that we simply had to share the good vibes with you.

1. “My daughter’s unicorn teddy, Steven, has a PEG just like her.”

2. “We recently went on vacation and Mom watched the puppers. She has a frame that cycles pics, he walked by, saw us, and...”

3. “My 70-year-old mom (right) and her sister got matching tattoos today!”

4. “Skin cancer-free AND got a unicorn milkshake after surgery.”

5. “Today my 6-month-old rescue dog rescued a starving kitten. Still looking if the furball has owners somewhere.”

6. “When I met him 5 years ago, he was a dishwasher. When I opened my first restaurant, he jumped on board.”

“He has fought daily to be a better person and chef. It was an honor to give him his first chef coat.”

7. “Today is the start of pride month. I’m so happy I survived (I’ve been transitioning for almost 8 years).”

8. “Grippo’s first time seeing snow”

9. “Here’s a photo of me, my mom, grandma, great-grandma, and great-great-grandma. The women in my family just don’t die.”

10. “I received flowers from the police department because I prevented a suicide last Saturday.”

11. “My mom works at a doctor’s office and sent a photo of this patient who showed up without an appointment, smh.”

12. “After about 9 months living in my car and most of my life with unstable housing, I finally have a home to call my own!”

13. “Our next-door neighbors are Syrian immigrants and speak very broken English. Got a knock on the door and this was at the doorstep.”

14. “Since Christmas in 2005, my mom has been making a Christmas tree skirt from the handprints of my brother and me.”

15. “Hey Mom, I made your favorite today. It’s only the second time I’ve baked anything since you passed.”

“I swear I could feel you with me in the kitchen. I miss you.”

16. “In order to really appreciate this SURVIVOR’S HUGE SMILE, you need to see what he looked like the day he was rescued.”

Which photo brought a tear of joy to your eye? What photos do you have of moments that deserve to be celebrated? Please tell us the story behind your photos!

Preview photo credit testyhedgehog / Reddit


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