16 Stunning Airports Across the World We’d Like to Stay at Forever

10 months ago

It’s nice when the first minutes of acquaintance with a city or country start with incredible impressions from the airport. It’s the airport that sets the mood for further travel and is the distinctive feature of each city.

Bright Side collected 16 incredible air harbors that can amaze even the most sophisticated travelers.

Ashgabat International Airport (Turkmenistan)

The new Ashgabat airport, designed as a hovering falcon, became not only a new landmark of the country but also entered the Guinness World Records for the world’s largest ornaments image on the roof of the main passenger terminal building.

Abu Dhabi International Airport (UAE)

The airport, which looks like a floating ship, is located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It fits perfectly into the atmosphere of these luxurious cities.

Lyon—Saint-Exupéry International Airport (Lyon, France)

Lyon Airport is named after Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a world-famous French writer, a native of this city, and a professional pilot.

Marrakesh Menara Airport (Morocco)

It’s one of the most beautiful airports in the world and is used for domestic, transcontinental, and international flights. It was built on a unique project that united European technologies and traditions of Moroccan culture.

Incheon International Airport (South Korea)

One of the largest airports in the world, annually (since 2005) recognized as the best airport worldwide according to the Airports Council International.

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport (Shenzhen, China)

Located in the coastal valley on the east coast of the Pearl River Delta region, this is the only international airport in China connected to seaports for both passenger and cargo traffic.

Washington Dulles International Airport (Washington, USA)

The airport is named after John Foster Dulles, a U.S. Secretary of State in the administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower. Dulles Airport is one of three airports serving Washington and the busiest of them.

John F. Kennedy International Airport (old building of TWA terminal), (New York City, USA)

This airport is an abstract symbol of flight. The building is considered one of the most original airport buildings in the world. Inside, it’s even more unusual than outside: there are no clear sides and walls, and everything seems to flow from one to another, symbolizing constant movement.

Beijing Capital International Airport, Terminal 3 (T3), (Beijing, China)

The first airport in China. The outline of the building resembles a figure of a dragon, and the waiting room is decorated with a winter garden (the airport’s design is made in the traditional Chinese style). The airport is the pride of China and a kind of museum of Chinese culture.

Denver International Airport (USA)

The airport attracts not only by its appearance but also by the surrounding legends. During the construction of the airport, a huge amount of land was exported (as much land was taken away while creating the Panama Canal). This fact makes many people think that there are huge unused premises under the airport, and people managed to create several conspiracy theories.

Kansai International Airport (Japan)

The airport is built on an artificial island. To connect it to the land, the Sky Gate Bridge R was erected. Its length is 3.75 kilometers (12,303 ft), which puts this bridge on the list of the longest double-deck bridges in the world. Kansai is rightfully considered one of the engineering wonders of the 20th century.

Dubai International Airport (UAE)

The largest civil airport in the United Arab Emirates, greeting passengers with a real forest of palm trees. There are ten sleeping cabins in Terminal 1, each of which has a bed, high-speed Internet access, and a large TV.

Los Angeles International Airport (USA)

This is one of the largest international airports, and for many years it has been considered the most popular point of departure/destination in the world.

San Francisco International Airport (USA)

This is the largest airport in terms of passenger turnover in the San Francisco Bay area. There are museums and libraries in the terminals, and in the waiting rooms one can find permanent and temporary exhibitions of art objects.

Samui International Airport (Thailand)

Samui Airport is unusual in that it has no inner premises except for a souvenir shop. Despite this, it’s the sixth busiest airport in the country, serving more than a million passengers a year.


Princess Juliana Airport (Sint Maarten)

The airport has very low-altitude flyover landing approaches due to one end of its runway being extremely close to the shore and Maho Beach. This offers a spectacular view for tourists.

Which of these airports would you like to visit? Tell us in the comment section below.

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At best your list of beautiful airports is incomplete. One of the most famous in this respect is the Changi Airport in Singapore. I am quite disappointed that you missed that obvious choice and feel that you are keeping to a recent trend in Western publications to ignore Singaporean features. Anyway, the airport that I most like to visit from your list would easily be the one at Denver because of the riddles it seems to hide !


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