16 Tips That Helped Internet Users Find More Money in Their Savings Pots

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2 months ago

People are often skeptical about money-saving tips because, in their opinion, these tips are just too difficult to follow. Some people are too lazy to use reusable towels, and others are simply not ready to give up their daily cup of cappuccino. But here are a few tips that people decided to try and were happy with the results.

  • This year I stopped getting coffee and drinks outside. This saves me about $125-$150 per month. I’m unexpectedly not even missing it, and I’m planning to throw this money into my retirement account. © iridescent__wings / Reddit
  • I cut my own hair. I tend to prefer simple cuts that are easy to do on myself, and this also cuts out the awkward small talk and all the chemical smells that trigger my asthma. If I decide I want a more complicated hairstyle I’ll pay a professional, but if all I want is a trim I can do it myself for free (the hair scissors paid for themselves with the first haircut). © Greyreadseverything / Reddit
  • I was extremely skeptical about reusable paper towels, but I was sold the moment I started using them. They are essentially super thin cloths that roll onto a core, just like paper towels. We wash them in our normal loads of colors and roll them back up. We have I think 48 reusable, and we’ve been using them like a 1.5 year just fine. © _JosiahBartle / Reddit
  • Eating beans for lunch every day. On the weekends, I make a large amount of some type of bean dish. Falafel, beans and rice, navy beans soup, bean burritos, etc. Then I just pack it for lunch during the workday. Buying dry beans is like $1.50 for 5 meals. It’s delicious and healthy. © lionbacker54 / Reddit
  • Wool dryer balls. It reduces the price of laundry and at the same time it reduces the amount of fragrance there is. Win-win. © Significant-Repair42 / Reddit
  • I have 2 daughters. Last year, I bought us menstrual cups. For fun, we decided to calculate how much we would save on pads in a year of time. Eventually, we bought a robot vacuum with the money we saved.
  • We learned to make pizza dough. Absolutely no reason to buy pizza when it tastes way better made fresh at home. © intotheunknown78 / Reddit
  • I do my own manicures. Decided to follow the natural nail trend, so to say. It looks like this. I don’t cut the cuticle, I just push it back every morning after a shower and oil it. And to make them shiny, I buff them and cover them with clear polish.
  • Anytime I want fast food, I just end up going to the grocery store and get a pizza or something else that’s unhealthy, but it’s half the cost and honestly a lot tastier. © ADashofDirewolf / Reddit
  • Buying an upright freezer made it easier to prep meals in bulk at much lower cost, thus saving not only money but also time. We cook food in bulk and then freeze it. © Direct-Chef-9428 / Reddit
  • I went from using 3/4 of a cup of liquid laundry detergent to a tablespoon. I thought the more soap, the better it cleans, which is false. Tablespoon is good for my machine and our load size. Also, throw a half cup of vinegar in there as well. Bing Bong! So fresh and so clean. © smartlikedumptruck / Reddit
  • Buying clothes secondhand only. 3 years in and frankly I no longer see the point of ever paying retail prices for new clothes. I thrift about once a week and over time have easily found everything I need. Bonus: it’s helped with my mindset in sort of training myself out of immediacy/instant gratification and into longer term planning and patience. © Hopeful_Annual_6593 / Reddit
  • I stopped driving to run small errands. I walk instead. I really enjoy the walks through my neighborhood. I stop at the store to pick up whatever I need, or run into the bank. I cut my gas cost in half. And I get the exercise. © rusty0123 / Reddit
  • Switching to old-school razor instead of the plastic ones. It shaves fantastically, lasts forever, and razor blades are incredibly cheap. © floriish / Reddit
  • I decided to stop «solutioning» — getting stuck on how something could be better and then buying stuff for it. For example, «It would be so much nicer to have those pull out spice towers installed in one of my cabinets, instead of the way I currently have my spices stored.» I realized what I was doing, and did not buy the solution. I can find my spices just fine right now. © Beneficial-Safe-2142 / Reddit
  • I cut the tops off tube containers like face wash, lotion, etc. and scooping out the rest of what is left has been a big money saver! You’ll be amazed at how much is still left once it stops squeezing out. To keep the product from drying out, slide the cut piece down onto the area where you made the cut. © Icy-Tomatillo-7556 / Reddit

And if you’re a makeup addict, here are a few money-saving tips for you.


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