17 Creative Minds Who Found the Best Life Solutions

2 years ago

Simple but genius designs, like turning your mailbox into a water fountain or laying a weighted glove on a baby, can truly improve our lives. Sometimes it’s just a matter of small solutions that we never thought about, like making a sling for a clingy kitten who won’t let you work. However big or small though, all of these designs are unique and deserve to be seen by the world.

At Bright Side, we value the innovative spirit and love to see people’s new ideas, so we found some extra unique ones to share with you all.

1. “She wouldn’t let me work, so I tried something.”

2. “It works if you can get past the creepy.”

3. “This mailbox is also a water fountain.”

4. “My niece can’t fully grab the bottle so she found a way to balance it on her hands.”

5. “My friend found a way to enjoy snacks better on a motorcycle.”

6. “My son wanted a fort. After many failed attempts with blankets, I realized a fitted sheet was the perfect size for our couch.”

7. “If you cover your tea with a ceramic tea lid to keep it warm, place a cookie on it. When the tea is steeped, the cookie will be nice and warm.”

8. “My husband found a way to stop our baby from ripping her hair clips off.”

9. “Succulents in my terrarium started to bloom, so I found a creative way to keep the lid open.”

10. “Hand wash station — found this useful for my vehicle. Add a little soap to the water and stand it up when traveling. It doesn’t leak.”

11. “Have a preference for bar soap to shave with? Melt it down and pour it into a soap dish (you can also mix soaps when melting)!”

12. “Our elderly dog Jackson’s hips aren’t working so well, but we found a way to take him for walks again. He loved it!”

13. “Rolled up sleeves keep falling down? Put rubber bands around the rolled-up sleeve to keep them in place!”

14. “My girlfriend made a bag out of jeans.”

15. “An ingenious solution to the basket shortage in Morrison’s”

16. “My Spanish mate has a paella pan. Asked to borrow it and put it to good use yesterday.”

17. “I discovered that apple cutters also help to chop mushrooms easily.”

What new solutions have you tried that other people thought were a bit strange? How do you get your baby to sleep? Have you tried using a weighted glove?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit slelham / Reddit


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