17 People Who Hacked Life With Their Simple but Ingenious Solutions

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2 years ago

The pace of life is constantly getting faster and faster. Thus, modern people even walk faster than their parents did. When every minute counts, various tricks come to the rescue that can save not only your time, but also your nerves.

At Bright Side, we believe that people who come up with life hacks like these should be awarded for their ingenuity.

1. Shower curtain hooks work well for hanging holiday lights on curtain rods.

2. You can keep your money inside a sanitary pad while traveling.

3. Cover your white shoes in toilet paper while drying so they come out clean and white without yellow stains.

4. Wrap a piece of lettuce around one side of your sandwich or burger to keep the goods from falling out of the other side.

5. Dry the toilet brush before storing it. The brush holder will stay cleaner longer.

6. Padded bra = effective fireworks ear muffs

7. “I always mince a giant bag of garlic, freeze it, and break off squares for cooking.”

8. When you are shopping and bottles are rolling around in your shopping cart, just stick the cap of the bottles between the bars on the shopping cart.

9. “Keep a tea strainer in the bathroom. Instead of using bath bombs every time you want a fancy bath, put shower gel in the tea strainer and put it under the tap.”

10. Put plastic wrap over your tomato dishes before putting the plastic lids on to avoid stains.

11. “I save all of my seasoning from ramen noodles in an old parmesan cheese container. It helps me use less seasoning on the actual noodles plus provides good seasoning for other meals too.”

12. Put sanitary pads inside your shoes for hiking or marching, it’ll reduce the stress to your feet and soak up all the moisture.

13. “An easy way to keep my wife happy”

14. If you’re moving or storing furniture, use plastic wrap to make a packet of the hardware and wrap it onto one of the pieces. Then you won’t wonder where it is later.

15. “No more greasy hands or counters. My boyfriend does this.”

16. If you need to remove nail polish from your toes, and you don’t want to ruin your manicure, use a tampon and nail polish remover.

17. When there is no coat hook in a public toilet, try this.

What lifehacks do you use? Maybe you invented some of them? Share them in the comments below.


thank you to whoever made this article. it's really helpful and I will tru one of these tricks next time

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