17 Times the Universe Found a Way to Mock Us

8 months ago

The universe can somehow find humor in our struggles and mishaps, making us feel like the butt of a cosmic joke. However, we can choose to find joy in the lightheartedness of life and embrace the laughter, rather than taking ourselves too seriously. After all, sometimes the best way to cope with the universe’s humor is to laugh along with it, like the people in our article did.

1. “I had to borrow my daughter’s car today. I’m a Chief Petty Officer, and turn 50 later this year.”

2. “My friend said she wanted Dory, this is what he gave her.”

3. “Mother’s day display in a big supermarket — Instant Noodles, Gin and Anti-Wrinkle cream. Happy Mother’s Day!”

4. “My dad saw this earlier today.”

5. “I took my 5-year-old niece ‘to the beach.’ It was not the scenario she had anticipated.”

6. “So this actually just happened at my aunt’s house.”

7. “Dude, that’s mine.”

8. “3-year-old + my wife’s Switch + a glue stick”

9. “This cookie I bought today”

10. “I wanted to get the wrinkles out of my jacket, but I left a bar of dark chocolate in the pocket.”

11. “Yep that’s snow.”

12. “I’ve been at work for 4 hours now... I just saw this.”

13. Good morning!

14. “Spray tan tears won’t go away.”

15. “Burning my laptop.”

16. “Not cool, Monday. Not cool at all.”

17. “My first day of class starts in an hour and the battery to my clippers just died. Well, so much for first impressions...”

Preview photo credit NorCalN*yMike / Reddit


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