15 People Who Seem to Have Run Out of Luck a Moment Too Soon

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Even in the 21st century, there are people who still believe in superstitions. For example, in some countries, a black cat passing in front of a person is a sign of bad luck and seeing a snake is considered good luck. No matter what you believe and what actually happens to you, the most important thing is to see everything in an optimistic and positive way, just like the people in our article did.

1. “After a lengthy process, I finally got my new car yesterday! Then this happened.”

2. “The results of the blizzard in Buffalo.”

3. “It actually fits.”

4. “Bought a $44 handmade, ceramic mug. It cracks as I pour in my first cup of tea.”

5. “What happened on my cousin’s shift...”

6. “I’m in my mid-30s and unfortunately still sleepwalk occasionally. Took a sleepwalking tumble down the stairs last night...”

7. “Decided to spontaneously get my wife a new plant from an overpriced local florist that I probably can’t afford.”

“I trip when putting it in my car and one of the heads got ripped off.”

8. “Just had this house centipede crawl across my face when I was trying to go to sleep. My skin is crawling.”

9. “I just remembered I wanted waffles 6 days ago.”

10. “I didn’t wear bug spray today. I think I should have.”

11. “Pizza place defaults to no cheese, no sauce on Doordash. I didn’t check the boxes to add them.”

12. “Merry Christmas. I hope your pipes didn’t bust while your electricity was out for 12 hours on Christmas Eve.”

13. “10-second walk from the store to my car in −2°F/-20°C temps.”

14. “Don’t take naps while cooking the holiday ham.”

15. “Hope you enjoy my fruit tart, floor.”

What unfortunate situations have you experienced recently?

Preview photo credit Lunatic721 / Reddit, RT-60 / Reddit


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