18 Antique Items That Add a Touch of Novelty to Any Home

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Trends always change. You can see, for example, in clothing, how a garment goes out of fashion but then makes a comeback after many years. This is also common with furniture. Some stuff is just so old that age makes them unique and special. The old can be adapted to the new, and if you find it hard to believe, look at how these users managed to merge both things to create original spaces.

At Bright Side, we enjoy seeing people’s creativity when it comes to fixing up their homes, and in this case, the ability to transform old things into something that looks amazing.

1. “Always wanted one, and my patience paid off.”

2. “My parents’ mid-century GE oven”

3. “Bought this 1954 MCM house after years of driving by and sending ’sell it’ vibes to the property.”

4. “Drove through a snowstorm to retrieve this baby.”

5. “My nan bought this fan to keep her baby (my dad) cool during a heatwave in 1961 and she’s still using it 61 years later!”

6. “Found this fella on FB Marketplace and was able to save it!”

7. “Picked this up at my local thrift store for under $7!”

8. “An Eames ’knockoff’ that we got from my parents”

9. “A quick pic while cleaning”

10. “Recent find: a 1950s mid-century pink pendant lamp”

11. “Found this adorable frame at an antique market and made something to put in it.”

12. “Isn’t this beautiful? We bought a house that was built in 1907 and it was hanging in the dining room.”

13. “These are some retro cake decorations my mother saved through the years.”

“I remember some of the circus animals on a childhood birthday cake.”

14. “Made my morning coffee in this mint green ceramic Melitta I found at an antique booth yesterday.”

15. “This beauty was $60 at a thrift store.”

16. “My grandma recently gave me her silver candy dish from France that she’s always loved.”

“No year on it, but it’s my new favorite item in my house!”

17. “Buying a 140-year-old home, contents included”

18. “A stove that came with the house I just bought — house was built in the ’30s.”

What objects do you think become more interesting over time? What is the oldest thing you have?

Preview photo credit Jadomi77 / Reddit


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