18 Artists Who Show Us the Magic of Street Art

3 years ago

Look at these balloons! Can you believe that they are not real? The works of the artists in our compilation are so real that anyone would feel scared to step into an artist’s abyss. Each of these works proves once again that artists live in a parallel reality, which they sometimes show us in their masterpieces.

Bright Side collected the most impressive examples of street-art from famous artists. Take a look and get ready to be amazed! At the end of the article, there is a bonus showing that it’s not only on the streets where street artists can create masterpieces.

These balloons are drawn.

In reality, this wall is flat.

If you look at this lawn at a certain angle, it will turn into a globe.

The secret chamber has been revealed.

Complex architecture

It’s always scary to be the first to fly.

In reality, this catastrophe has been painted on canvas.

This drawn duck family makes drivers slow down in front of the pedestrian crosswalk.


That’s what fearlessness looks like:


Home alone

When the power of art knocks you off your feet:

Breaking the wall:

It’d be easy to have a heart attack looking at this creature.


There is only one real car in this photo.

Do you think these have been photoshopped?

Bonus: The Long Beach Museum in California let street artists paint the inside walls and here’s what happened:

Which of these masterpieces amazed you the most? Please let us know about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit James Bullough, depositphotos.com


They really put some color to the streets. Don't you think?

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