18 Baby Animals That Can Make You Love the Whole World

2 years ago

There is something so special about baby animals. We are convinced that their innocent cuteness, big warm eyes, and fluffy, round bodies could achieve world peace. Because we all know — there is absolutely nothing prettier than itsy-bitsy little animals.

Bright Side guarantees that these 18 adorable photos will warm your heart and make your day!

18. Meet the wrinkly boy!

17. This is probably the sweetest picture you’ll see in a while.

16. This baby wolverine is easily one of the most adorable animals here.

15. This mythical baby warthog has the power to make the whole world smile.

14. Raise your paw if you’re a good boy!

13. Otters, also known as water puppies, are a handful of cuteness.

12. This little calf is determined to make you say, “Awww!”

11. A stylish baby alpaca posing for the camera

10. No article about animals is complete without at least one kitten.

9. Just a teaspoon of cuteness

8. Mamma duck and her baby ducklings on a family picnic

7. This baby donkey consists of 95% fluff and 5% ears.

6. Have any of you seen a baby flamingo before? You’re welcome!

5. Baby goats love having their picture taken.

4. A baby hyena practicing its posing skills to get ready for National Geographic in the future

3. Baby chicks enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate

2. Baby chinchillas have no right to be this pretty.

1. Okay, we might have found a cuter animal than the baby hippo...

We were right, weren’t we? However, we definitely haven’t had enough of baby animals just yet. We ask you to please continue what we started and post pictures of your pets as babies in the comments! We can’t wait to see them!

Preview photo credit DarthLux / twitter


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Also Sphinx cats can acctualy be warmer than normal cats sometimes, and its cool. AND STOP CALLING THEM ALIENS, THEY ARE CATS!


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