18 Cooking Masterpieces It Would Be a Shame to Eat

3 years ago

Some of us don’t like cooking at all, some people do it fast and don’t even think about how their meal looks, and then there are people who think that cooking is art. And doesn’t matter if they are professional chefs or amateurs, but the result, be it a beautiful apple or a cake that looks like a hat, is really hard to eat because it looks so good.

We at Bright Side are warning you: it’s better to read this article only after having a meal. And at the end of the article, there are 3 tasty bonuses for you, including a cute crocodile we really want to make ourselves now.

1. “My wife made this beautiful gingerbread house for Christmas.”

2. “I made some nail polish cookies.”

3. This flower is fully edible.

4. This is a real cake!

5. Sushi that looks too good to eat

6. “My wife and her best friend started a cookie stamp business. They launched today and sold out after 2 hours. Proud husband moment!”

7. “Meat mandarin” — a chicken liver and foie gras parfait with mandarin orange jelly

8. Carved apple

9. Shrimp salad

10. Sleeping Santa cake

11. Jelly candy that looks like crystals

12. This is adorable!

13. This salmon plate looks like an abstract painting.

14. Caramel ball dessert

15. “I thought I would share my latest pie.”

16. “I made couture cookies.”

17. White ganache cake with sugar flowers

18. “I made an edible interior out of sugar cookies.”

Bonus № 1: “It was my dad’s birthday today, but we didn’t have the right numbers so we got creative.”

Bonus № 2

Bonus № 3

Do you take pictures of the meals that you are proud of?


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i have tried edible flowers I once had them and my lips and tongue got blue(color of that flower) I don't like to eat it but if say yes if you give me


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