18 Couples Who Prove Love Changes People for the Better

5 years ago

They say appearance doesn’t matter if you are in love. When the feelings are their peak, many couples make promises to each other to love each other forever and in any guise. But are you ready to become better for your second half? The couples in this article have proven by their own example that there is nothing impossible when you are working toward your goal together.

Bright Side will show you 18 couples who inspired each other to lose weight. They managed to attain incredible results together.

1. You can see the story of an incredible transformation. 3 years have passed between these 2 photos.

2. Danny and Lexi have lost almost 440 pounds over a year. Their common weight was almost 770 pounds at the time of their wedding, but it didn’t bother them at all. However, soon after they got married they learned that if they didn’t lose weight, they wouldn’t be able to have a baby. Their results are impressive!

3. This couple got into perfect physical shape over one year and started to look 10+ years younger. All because of a New Year’s resolution they made on New Year’s Eve.

4. This couple completely changed their lifestyle over 2 years. And it wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t been mutually supporting each other.

5. In 2013, this couple decided that it was high time to start living a healthy lifestyle. After one year, they lost 330 pounds together and started to look stunning.

6. These guys got into great shape before their wedding. We think they probably received an excess amount of compliments on that day.

7. This couple set a goal to lose weight at an age when most people prefer to ignore their physical shape. Together they lost 130 pounds in less than a year.

8. Haley Smith loved sweets her entire life. But after her boyfriend proposed to her, she promised that she’d change for the better. It was hard to recognize her after 6 months!

9. Sometimes couples lose weight after their wedding, instead of gaining it. The result for this couple is a loss of 330 pounds between the 2 of them.

10. The most difficult thing was to control their appetite and swap bad eating habits for healthy ones. But the result was worth it! They lost more than 500 pounds together over 2 years.

11. It’s hard to recognize these guys. They gave up their bad habits (alcohol and midnight snacks) and started to play sports regularly. He lost 110 pounds thanks to the support of his beloved girl, who also benefitted from this new healthy lifestyle.

12. This guy is just happy that his girlfriend won in a difficult struggle to get a perfectly shaped body.

13. Who said it’s impossible to lose weight after having 2 kids? These guys proved just the opposite and lost 110 pounds together.

14. A couple in love lost 330 pounds combined in a short period of time together. This extreme weight loss left its trace — a big amount of extra skin. Now they are raising funds to be able to get plastic surgeries.

15. When these guys met, they were far from being perfect but they managed to change for each other. Love definitely makes magic.

16. Becoming true athletes instead of simply losing weight, especially after having a baby, are results one can only feel proud of.

17. 3 years have passed between the first and the second photos. They managed to lose 220 pounds combined.

18. The main thing in reaching your goal is to be consistent and never give up.

Have you ever tried to lose weight with your partner? Or are you the ones who have been leading a healthy lifestyle for your entire lives? Please share your stories with us in the comments!

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