18 Creepy Stories From Children That Ensured a Few Sleepless Nights to Their Parents

Sometimes it happens that children, who have only just started talking, say things that can send shivers down your spine. Some of their stories could just be a product of their imagination, or maybe they overheard them in a cartoon or during a conversation between adults. But when they mention members of the family who they’ve never heard of, many of us may start thinking that there is something supernatural going on. Our readers shared stories just like this.

  • When my son was 3 years old, he stopped in the hall and called someone by their name. We really got scared because he said the name of his late grandfather, who he’d never seen in his life. © Leyla Shadiyeva
  • When my son was younger, he used to say that he’d chosen me himself. And when I took him to bed, he would point his finger somewhere behind me and say, “mister.” I was so scared that I immediately tried to talk about something else. © Alena Godcat
  • Before my daughter turned 5, she would say the same thing over and over again, “If you try to hurt me, I’ll leave and go to my French parents.” I would ask her, “Who are they, and how do you know them?” And she would reply, “They are my previous parents.” © Dana Zharaspayeva
  • From the moment my daughter started talking to the day she turned 3, she mentioned every day that her husband’s name would be Steve and they’d have 10 children. It would have been okay, were it not for the fact that my late grandmother’s husband’s name was Steve, and they had 10 children. We never talked about this in my daughter’s presence. © Anastasia Unique
  • I have a photo where my son is about 2 months old, I’m holding him in my arms and bottle feeding him. My son says that he remembers this moment well because he was watching this somewhere from above. © Aimi Lebrun
  • Before my daughter turned 6, she used to say that she had dreamed of having parents like us. I’d ask her, “When did you dream about it?” And she’d reply, “Before I was born.” © Natalia Kostova
  • When my grandson was 4, he once sat up in bed in the middle of the night and said something indignantly, in a language that sounded like French. None of us speak French. I quickly wrote down what he said, so I could try to figure it out later, but didn’t find anything suitable. © Tyar Tyar
  • My grandnephew looks like his late great-grandfather, and once, when he was 3 years old, he said to my sister, “You know, granny, I was a grandfather in my previous life, and then I was born here.” © Ludmila Lebedeva
  • It happened when my older son was 5. He climbed on a chair to get something from a cabinet and told me, “Mommy, when I die, I’ll be flying behind you and get you everything you need from above.” I got shivers and told him not to say such things. He replied, “But my daddy is flying behind me everywhere I go.” My husband had died 6 months before that... and now he can’t remember that he ever said this. © Antonina Makhrova
  • My niece used to see a man who came at night and looked at us while we were sleeping. He really scared her. At first, she couldn’t even speak properly, and just pointed her finger at something and screamed frightened. But later, she learned how to speak and told us about this man. This was really creepy. © Ekaterina Chashkina
  • At 2, my son just started talking and making up sentences more or less properly. He never watched cartoons, movies, or even TV at the time because we didn’t watch it. He had only seen a few children’s books.
    Once, we were sitting in the kitchen together with my mother (his grandmother) and drinking tea. And suddenly he said, with a serious face, “I lived in an old house before, went to school, and died.” My mom was shocked. Our son had never heard words like “school” or (especially) “die.” We’d never used these words, especially “die.” No one in the family had died at that time, either. © Tanya Bakterova
  • Once, at night, my son began to speak Latin very intelligibly. None of us knows Latin, and we’d never studied it. But it’s hard not to recognize this language. © Irina Tsurcan
  • My younger daughter used to tell me, “When I was your daddy, I held you in my arms and rocked you.” And I used to be a daddy’s girl when I was little, and he would really hold me in his arms and rock me until I calmed down. No one told my daughter about it because my dad had passed away long before that. © Romania Alena
  • After my husband’s funeral, my niece’s little daughter said, “Granddad Alex is there.” Her mother explained to her, “Granddad Alex went to heaven.” And the girl replied, “No, he is standing in the corner there.” My niece really freaked out. © Lilia Arsenyuk
  • My daughter started talking early and would always tell us about a man in a hat standing and smiling in the bedroom, and would show us where exactly. © Irina Zuzina
  • At 4, my younger son once said, in a very serious voice, “Mommy, our family is very good, that’s why I chose it.” I asked in shock, “What did you choose?” And he replied, “Our family! I chose it myself!” I decided not to dig deeper, but I felt stunned for a long time. © Elena Avdeeva
  • My older son once described his day of birth step-by-step, to the tee — how he was carried to the ward, what the color of the walls were, what the ward was like, and what number was on the door. And my younger son saw his great-grandmother’s photo and called her by her name — Tara, even though we never called her this, and he couldn’t have heard this name. He also told us about her fears, habits, etc. © Alina Nizhnikova
  • In childhood, I used to stash food. We lived on the ground floor, and the bread and cookies that I stashed would attract cockroaches. Once, my mom got really mad at me because of this, and scolded me. I burst into tears and said, “Mom, I just don’t want to starve like we used to starve before.” And our family had never starved.
    My mom asked me what I meant, and I said that I used to starve before and always waited for my piece of bread but never got one. My mom couldn’t get anything else from me. I still don’t know what this was about. © Daria Aksenova

Have your children ever told you stories that gave you goosebumps?


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