18 People Who Clearly Don’t Care About Being Good at Their Jobs

2 years ago

Some bosses and psychologists will agree that many people have trouble being productive at work. This is partly due to technology, leading our gadgets to distract us from other important tasks. But a more serious reason is when people lack direction and do a job they don’t care about. Hopefully, their mistakes aren’t serious but entertaining ones that we can enjoy.

Bright Side is speechless about these 18 people who spent zero energy on properly doing their jobs and fixing things.

1. “In front of a grocery store in FL”

2. “A cherry on top of the road”

3. “I didn’t feel like getting out of the truck.”

4. It won’t provide that much security where it is.

5. “Couldn’t have fixed it better.”

6. “Delivery person is like, my job is to get it in...not out.”

7. “I mounted the phone, boss.”

8. That’s not exactly how salting the sidewalk goes.

9. It’s not that hard to tell bread and meat apart.

10. Painting a little bit more than only the stairs...

11. “Looks really safe.”

12. “The road crew put concrete around a car in India.”

13. These must be some new case designs.

14. That’s not how TVs are mounted on the wall.

15. When practicality runs in your veins:

16. You’ll probably need to re-assemble this.

17. “An exhaust fan switch in the corner of the ceiling, behind a stacked washer and dryer that you need a long stick to turn on”

18. “This chandelier at a restaurant I ate at bothers me so much.”

Have you ever stumbled upon a bad fix that was a clear sign someone was doing their job very wrong?


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