18 People Who Could Even Forget Their Own Name

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Tiredness, hustle and bustle, stress, and even genetics can be some of the causes of our greatest absent-mindedness. It’s not uncommon to be super-focused on what we are doing and anticipate, to the millimeter, the possible details. However, a small failure resulting from a “slight” distraction ends up taking everything to a total and complete disaster.

Some Internet users wanted to share the biggest blunders they have witnessed, and Bright Side didn’t miss the opportunity to bring you a selection of the best ones to give you a good dose of laughter.

1. “Got off the train at the wrong station.”

“Now I’m in the middle of nowhere without food, it’s raining, it’s cold, I’m hungry, and the next train is in 7 hours.”

2. “My husband tried to apologize by making me a candlelit bath. The glass container was a little too spicy for the plastic bathtub.”

3. “Found a label in my burger.”

4. “My wife tried to clean my cast iron. How much alimony should I get?”

5. “When you forget it’s paving day”

6. “I obliterated my Xbox today when I lost my footing.”

7. “Found this in the washing machine in my building.”

8. “A friend lost his wallet earlier this week — found it today magnetized to his car.”

9. “Spent 2 weeks 3D printing and painting this motorized iron man helmet for Halloween.”

“Accidentally left it in my car during the day and it deformed beyond repair.”

10. “I melted my son’s toothbrush...”

11. “Literally my first day on the job and I shattered a customer’s window.”

12. “My wife said, ’I’m going as Belle, get the matching costume.’ I didn’t understand the assignment.”

13. “Asked my boyfriend to order paper towels and toilet paper. He ordered them and commented about how expensive they were.”

“Today I came home to this on the front porch. No wonder it was so expensive!”

14. “Spaghetti and garlic bread, but I forgot I was making garlic bread.”

15. “I may or may not have mistaken this for toothpaste this morning...”

16. “Was fixing my kid’s toy and not paying attention to where the excess super glue was going...”

17. “I was boiling the egg but forgot to turn off the stove.”

18. “Had a party and someone took a bite out of a fake apple.”

What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made? What tricks do you have to try to avoid these types of situations?

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