17 Pics That Are Real Mood Boosters

Relationships can bring unique challenges with them, but there are moments when these bonds are 100% worth it. Whether it is intentionally pranking your loved ones, an embarrassing moment with your children that you captured, or even a dinner with your pet, the times we share with our families can be a hilarious memory to look back on.

1. “My little cousin decided to put ALL the stickers on himself.”

2. “My wife always sends me pictures after manicures. She claims she’s never used the same nail color twice.”

3. “After my dad passed, my mom finally organized and labeled the tool chest in a way that made sense to her.”

4. “Put your glass on the table, not the floor. (to my 4 y/o)”

5. “My 5-year-old got a hold of a marker and disappeared into the bathroom, and then I found this after investigating.”

6. “The only baby picture I have... why?”

7. “My mom thought this would delete her Netflix account. It’s been this way for TWO YEARS.”

8. Tell me you have kids without telling me you have kids.

9. “My brother’s first time tubing. Look how relaxed he is.”

10. “Letter to management from my 6yr old son.”

11. “My wife snuck some new décor into my workshop.”

12. “Grandma said her new apartment came with an iPhone, or so I thought...”

13. “2-year-old insisted that the puzzle is supposed to be built like this.”

14. “I needed my wife and daughters to smile during a photo shoot, so I told a dad joke.”

15. “How I announced my engagement.”

16. “This is how my younger son has decided to eat a hotdog.”

17. “Cat waited politely to be served steak at dinner tonight.”

What’s the funniest moment that has happened in your family that you all still talk about to this day? Share it with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Captainsboot / Reddit


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