18 People Who Received a Funny Prank From the Universe

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Blunders can be embarrassing. But there are actually people who encourage talking about our epic fails to take out the shame and guilt associated with them. Here are some brave souls who found themselves on the receiving end of life’s humorous “pranks” but decided to share their photos (as well as their laughter) with everyone else online.

1. “My friend forgot to check his underwear before putting it on.”

2. “This harvest should sustain us through the winter.”

3. “The dog ate my friend’s engagement ring along with half a TV remote.”

“The ring has been recovered, and the dog is fine.”

4. “Microwaved my instant lunch only to find out that I forgot to add the water.”

5. “I had my tablecloth hanging to dry. I didn’t hang it well, and it fell with the wind and got stuck on a wall screw.”

“Now it’s part of the building decoration.”

6. “Mistakes were made.”

7. “Just getting ready to cook Valentine’s Day dinner and opened the block of cheese I bought today.”

8. “This mirrored ceiling in our bathroom at work”

9. “This car was parked in a low spot during a freezing rainy day. It’s all solid underneath.”

10. “I forgot I was cooking rice and it burned. I’ve been scrubbing for an hour and it won’t clean!”

11. “Got a haircut at my local barber and got razor burn.”

12. “Broken foot while on vacation”

13. “Tried to catch the HOT air fryer basket that I dropped as I was taking it out.”

14. “My 2-year-old son made a puzzle for me.”

15. “Guess I’ll try again in 48 years.”

16. “Booked a zip wire experience in Wales to enjoy the beautiful scenery while we’re here...”

17. “Fake tan fail”

18. “Thanks, lime tree!”

Did these photos lift your spirits? Well, you’re in luck because we have more! Go ahead and click here, here, here, here, and here.

Preview photo credit animasci_ / Reddit


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