18 Perfectly Timed Pics That Will Steal a Few Chuckles

10 months ago

Many people are lucky enough to capture unique moments in a photo, without even preparing for it. Some things can fool our eyes and make us believe that we are hallucinating. But when we have proof like these photos, it’s hard to deny that the universe enjoys playing tricks on us.

1. “The timing of this image makes it look like my nephew is a waterbender.”

2. “Cat falling off of a wall.”

3. I’ll help with those ripped tights, mom!

4. Looked over at this bridge and thought, “Why are those weird dudes standing on the bridge dressed like that?”

5. I didn’t know butterflies lived that long.

6. When speed and idleness meet in one frame.

7. “Years ago, my brother lost his cellphone on a roller coaster. Then he saw the ride photo...”

8. “My two kittens look like they’re one.”

9. You asked for it.

10. “Awkward arm.”

11. One second before disaster...

12. Grandfather and 3 brothers in 1940, a moment before their grand fall.

13. “My friend used to love that bird.”

14. A rare sight, a cat from IKEA assembling itself

15. “Dramatic bird selfie.”

16. “My goat with impeccable timing.”

17. “My cat just sneezed into a bowl of flour.”

18. “Just a typical family photo with our furbabies...”

Numerous factors can trigger our thin line between imagination and reality, and sometimes pictures are the only proof that we don’t visualize things that aren’t there.

Preview photo credit studentproblems / TikTok


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