18 Pics That’ll Give You a Monthly Dose of Wonder

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Planning gives our lives a sense of direction and consistency. That’s why we always tend to try and control the trajectory of our lives as much as we can. However, oftentimes, the universe decides to break us out of our molds without our consent, but that might be exactly what we need to take the edge off boredom and bring vitality to our daily lives.

At Bright Side, we believe that the simple and often unexpected things may have the power to fill us with joy every day. And we gathered 18 times where people gave meaning to the little surprises life threw their way, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

1. “My little finger is my biggest finger.”

2. “I slept on my finger and it left a perfect imprint on my arm.”

3. “I’ve had these jeans for about a year and never noticed this.”

4. “My friend found a tiny tree house in the forest.”

5. “I took this photo of the moon lining up perfectly with the basketball hoop.”

6. “This birdhouse is a tiny replica of the big house.”

7. “This ghost-person on the inside of my ice cream lid”

8. “This old aerosol can that was left in a window”

9. “I saw this bird with one foot...”

10. “This tiny frog I found 4 years ago today”

11. “A plant growing inside a deck light”

12. Unhappy detergent container

13. This coat rack looks like a stranger in the apartment.

14. “I saw someone in my ice cream.”

15. “This mobile X-ray machine looks nervous about the responsibility.”

16. “First day at the beach and my wife made sure I was protected from the sun by spraying my back with sunscreen.”

17. “Oh my God, I couldn’t help but show how my beloved dog sleeps.”

18. “A firefly landed on my finger.”

Do you also tend to take notice of the little unexpected things in your day? We’d love for you to share them with us in the comments.

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