15 Things That Can Only Happen on Your First Day at the Gym

11 months ago

Exercising is a great hobby but let’s face it, we’ve all been in an “I want to sleep on the treadmill” situation. People all over the internet share both their own and others’ ludicrous stories from their fitness lives exposing themselves in the most adorable ways.

1. Kids need to embody healthy living at an early age.

2. In order to feel closer to your strong-like-Thor goal

3. A superhero needs to stay in shape day and night.

4. He finally found a perfect place to wear those socks.

5. “She’s got it, oh baby, she’s got it!”

6. Those eyes make you want to try a bit harder this time.

7. When your gym shirt is your best motivation:

8. When the pizza is calling and you can’t help but follow:

9. “So, what’s new, Pa?”

10. “When your gym tries hard to motivate you but fails to make any sense”

11. This parrot looks like he’s trying really hard.

12. When the first date did not go well and you want to let it all out ASAP:

13. When you want to exercise but can’t leave your iPad behind:

14. Planet Fitness is a judgment-free zone.

15. When you finally realize that going to the gym is a lost cause:

Bonus: This grandma has gone viral for a reason. If she can, we all can!

We hope that you enjoyed those awkward yet delightful situations. What was your first day at the gym like? Which situations have you found yourselves in? If you also found a superhero occupying the last treadmill we’d love to see some evidence.

Please note: This article was updated in December 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit beaverkc / Reddit


Seems like going to the gym is a lot of fun.
I guess I need to start going there too, instead of exercising at home ?

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