18 Times Nature Knocked Us Down With Its Uniqueness

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It seems like nature always has its own plan and patterns, but only at first glance. Some things can become very unpredictable and unconventional. Even the shape of a simple pepper can surprise you and make you laugh.

We at Bright Side admire nature and unusual things, so we’re sharing 18 pictures that show how daily life can be full of remarkable stuff.

1. “One of my tomatillos rotted and left a cool cage and some seeds.”

2. This mushroom has an unusual shape.

3. “I have tentacles under my tongue.”

4. “Hoya imbricata conquering a wall”

5. “A spider using a rotting tomato from my garden to attract its own food”

6. “Another tree’s root structure exposed by a river’s current”

7. “I put a log in the pond behind my house, and I think it worked.”

8. “A friend of mine can make a T-Rex with their fingers.”

9. A very muscular cat

10. “Mushrooms growing out of my old mop”

11. “A pepper from my garden looked like a dog poop.”

12. “The way these ants corralled around a drop of sugar water”

13. “This wasp nest looks a bit like Jupiter.”

14. “I found these trees holding up a bench seat.”

15. “This violinist at my school has really long fingers...”

16. “Porcupine chew marks on a tree that I found”

17. “A mushroom is growing out of my chair.”

18. “Hair only grows on half of my lower leg.”

Which picture impressed you the most? What is your unique feature?


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