14 Times People Wanted One Thing but Got Something Totally Different Instead

11 months ago

So many expectations have been broken by harsh reality! And we’re not just talking about things. We’re referring to online stores, our own talents, and some coincidences that make our lives incredibly unpredictable. But is this good or bad? Of course, if you order something from an online store or ask a tattoo artist to do what you ask — uncertainty is scary. But instead, we should strive to find the positive in everything.

There’s definitely something interesting about the second painting.

It’s not even a whole mushroom.

What he wanted vs what he got

And this is really true!

This bear must’ve seen some stuff in its life...

There’s definitely some room for improvement.

“Above is the photo I took of our guide. I then asked my partner to take one of me and this was the result.”

“My daughter wanted a homemade Little Mermaid cake. I tried really hard.”

Christmas ice marbles

“And it tasted like wood.”

“I feel like the horse on the right...thanks, Amazon!”

“I don’t feel like messing with the whole tree, I’ll just do one of those wall trees I saw on Reddit.”

McDonald’s, please don’t do this.

“My mom tried to make a cute bear with the towels at the hotel for the cradles. ’I need to practice a bit more,’ she said while removing it before any baby could see it.”

Have you ever been in a similar situation? How did you handle it?

Please note: This article was updated in December 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Mya_Nyan / reddit


This little mermaid gave me nightmares ? at least she tried.. right?

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