18 Times You Need a Good Comparison to See the Real Size of Something

4 years ago

In order to see the size of an object you’ve never seen before, you need to compare it to something familiar. Of course, you’ve heard that people look tiny compared to mountains and Amur tigers are huge giants. These photographs will show the amazing contrast in sizes and take away your breath when you see the power of nature.

The Bright Side writers have scoured the internet to find powerful photos and prove that our world is still full of surprises.

1. You can feel tiny when you are in the gorgeous mountains of Hawaii.

2. Athlete and actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (6′ 9″), his wife Kelsey Henson (5′ 2″), and basketball player George Bell (7′ 8″)

3. “My grandmother’s front door jungle (my wife for scale)”

4. Artist Steven Paul Judd created a painting using 20,000 dice.

This is what it looked like in production.

5. The Dragon’s Eye Stone Mine in the UK

6. The endangered Leatherback sea turtle is the largest sea turtle on the planet.

7. The underwater part of an iceberg compared to a person

8. Siberian tiger paw

9. A girl and her dog... Or is it a bear?

10. This giant whirlpool is a flood drain in a dam in California. It doesn’t look as scary during the drought.

11. A stingray that acts like a playful puppy

12. “My brother’s size 18 feet in dress shoes”

13. A long time ago, giant sloths lived on warm islands close to people. Some of them were as long as 9’8″.

14. “This huge poppy I saw in Germany”

15. You’ve probably eaten the Pacific halibut, but you probably haven’t seen what the fish actually looks like.

16. A bomb crater from World War I in La Boisselle France

17. “Last night I captured a rare event, the ISS crossing the surface of the moon”

18. Bodybuilder Iya Efimchuk

Have you ever seen people or things that amazed you with their size? Tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit NumberJ5 / reddit


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After seeing these I got a weird feeling of somehow thinking I'm a small person lol


I hope the little kid next to the big dog was safe and sound after that pic ?


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