19 Facepalm Situations With Children Parents Were Not Ready For

3 years ago

Small kids are very unpredictable, often doing things that make their parents blush. But their uniqueness and cheerfulness won't let parents stay angry at them for long. Still, one can't always be ready for the situations that can be the reason for both laughter and tears. All we can do is accept kids as they are, remembering to always capture the moment with a photo.

We at Bright Side collected a set of photos that anyone who has children will understand.

19. Kids will eat cake however they want...

18. ... literally, any way they want.

17. "I just broke his cheese in half."

16. "He doesn't want to go. Even though we have repeatedly told him we are not going anywhere."

15. Kids can sleep anywhere, at any time.

14. Absolutely anywhere.

13. Sometimes it's beneficial.

12. Children like selfies...just like adults.

11. They know all about original gifts.

10. You'll learn to control them over time.

9. Or they will learn to control you.

8. Only the calmest pets will survive living with kids.

7. When you let babies feed themselves:

6. Your kid will tell all of your secrets.

5. Sometimes they might get disoriented.

4. 'And sometimes it's just one of those days!'

3. The more they grow, the more skillful they become.

2. Going to bed is always an uphill battle.

1. They truly do their best to help you with house chores.

Life becomes more interesting when you have kids - you never know what will happen the from one minute to the next. Do your kids surprise you this much? Please share your stories and photos in the comments!


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